The Girl Code




Girls, girls, girls!!

The Girl Code

As hard to believe as it might sound, one of my goals in life is to meet the person who invented the ‘Girl Code.’ I would truly like to sit down and discuss some of the rules and regulations of this code. To start, I think the creator left certain rules out of the book while including some ridiculous one’s. I know many of you ladies are thinking what about ‘Guy Code?’ This is part one of two blogs. Next week we can talk about the ‘Guy Code.’

Therefore I warn you, some of the things I might say will fit certain ladies like Cinderella’s slipper. Let’s clarify that the ‘Girl Code’ includes many do’s and don’t that many woman live by. Have you ever heard a girl say, “That’s girl code, you can’t do that.”

Let me give you some examples of the Girl Code:

A girl should always be chased and not chasing guys

Whoever saw the guy first get’s to date him

Never walk with your thong sticking out above your pants

Find a best friend that shares the same enemy

Now, these are only basic rules that certain woman live by on a daily basis, if you pay attention gentleman, you might pick up on a few of these rules. Now to the juicy one’s:

Don’t date your ex

Don’t date someone your friend has history with

Don’t date anyone your friend has kissed

Don’t sleep with your friends ex, boyfriend, husband

Don’t hook up with anyone that your friend has or had interest in.

My personal favorite hands down, “don’t be a slut.” Are you wondering who makes these rules? To be honest, I am, it sounds like most of these rules are created with each experience. I’ve heard the term, “I don’t want to cross that line.” I think we can all agree that some of the things mentioned here, are common sense. Yes, there is certain lines and areas that can’t be crossed in life. The question becomes, what happens when someone is really interested in you? If you’re one of those ladies that constantly complains about man, do you live by the code?

There’s a big difference between a person trying to get in your pants and someone that is trying to honestly get to know you. A lot of woman can decipher a guy trying to get in their pants, it’s not that hard, even though some man know how to work around it. Woman constantly nag about how man are assholes, how there’s no good man out there anymore because they are quite frankly all the same.

Yet, these are the same woman that date assholes, that can’t appreciate a good man because they become accustomed to the bad boys. Therefore, after talking to some of the good guys I know, after giving it a thought, I’ve come up with some ‘Girl Code’ rules of my own.

Stop asking for good guys when you don’t want to let go of the assholes you constantly date

Don’t be a hypocrite

Stop talking about your own friends, turning around and giving them a hug

Don’t be a hater and support your friends choices whether you like it or not, its not your choice

Don’t make lame excuses for you bad relationship choices

Don’t be a gold digger

Don’t talk about being independent and free loading off the guys you hang around with every week

Don’t hold back on an opportunity that might make you happy because you are concern about what your girls might think

Don’t get mad because your friend dates a guy that you rejected

Stop making up ‘Girl Code’ rules that only benefit your own believes

Stop making ‘Girl Code’ rules period, it’s called common sense, morale, the right thing to do

After writing my own ‘Girl Code’ rules, it seems the author left many of those rules out of the manual.

When it comes to Love

How can any one say they believe in love, or consider themselves to be a hopeless romantic when all they do is talk. It’s time to quit saying:

Letting go

moving on

on to better things

When in fact you grasp on to your past like holding on to dear life. “Nobody’s perfect trust me, I’ve learned it, I know it ain’t easy giving up your heart,” ask Adele, she knows it better than many of us. The point that I look to make is easy, I can respect your ‘Girl Code,’ yet I can’t respect the fact that this code comes between the happiness of many of the girls that I know. Not every guy is an asshole, If your friend dated a guy and if didn’t work out, if somehow you ended with an opportunity to smile once again, why not take it?

My advice, seize the moments ladies, even guys, good opportunities don’t come across often.

Girl Code

Don’t be that girl that cries when she sees a guy she rejected making someone else happy because she was scared of her friends opinion

Don’t be the girl that realizes she has spent her youth trying to change an asshole

A very sweet, special girl shared the Adele-One and Only song, I had personally never heard it. I fell in love with the song, the question I asked myself after was, “Woman love those words, but do they really believe them? Can they stop simply saying these things and put some actions behind them?”

The Girl Code can be helpful to many woman, it’s the line you can’t cross, sometimes it’s also the line that can keep you from being happy again. When it comes to love and relationships, no man or woman should live their life by a code, live your life a day at a time and avoid making repetitive mistakes.

Happy Valentines by the way.

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4 thoughts on “The Girl Code

  1. I am addicted to Everyday Life With Mo! It really opens the door to a male’s opinion on girls. I can argue a few points but it’s the male point-of-view that has me hooked. I appreciate the authenticity of the blogs and the desperation for females to change and be independent. I would like to see this change because often times women can misinterpret money and material thing for something so priceless as the word LOVE. These are very thoughtful blogs. I really enjoyed reading this piece in particular.

    • Thank You for the support and like the title states, it’s an every day life issue. Continue reading and share it with your friends. In the end, we are all entitled to our own opinion. These are simply my two cents! Thank You Eva.

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