The Men Code

The Men Code

By Moises Linares

Last week we got to talk about women and their ‘Girl Code,’ and as promised, it’s time to move the chains and advance to the next topic, ‘The Men Code.’ Alright, wipe the saliva around your mouth, this isn’t the bible. Before I begin, let me clarify that the views and opinions expressed on this blog belong to me and no other man. This is not to be taken as the guide or code that all men live by, this is simply the way I see life. Yet again the name of this blog is, ‘Every Day Life With Mo.’

Like the ‘Girl Code,’ the ‘Men Code, It’s a guy’s Thing, what douche bags really think,’ I can keep going and going until Sunday’s sunset an I would probably still have have plenty to talk about. One of my close girlfriends who I’ve travelled with, recently passed along another interesting blog, I’m not going to say it’s as good as my blog, but nevertheless it was good, (Cocky I know). In that blog, the writer explained why women should date multiple men at the same time. I quite frankly don’t have a problem with that approach, as long as I don’t find out and as long as I have no serious interest in the woman following that believe. “What you don’t know, won’t hurt you,” many would think this is something men would say but it’s really not. Its simply something someone who is trying to play the field would say and both men and women play the field.

I’m going to be very clear, NOT EVERY MEN IS THE SAME, I’m not speaking for myself, I’m speaking for all the good guys I know. My friend ‘Bon Qui Qui,’ says that all men have similar traits, I strongly disagree. You can’t say the tree is rotten because you have picked up a few bad apples. Here is the truth, one of the many problems is the following, we live in a generation in which many woman would rather be lied to in order to avoid feeling culprit of a failed attempt at a mediocre relationship.

What do you mean?

Many women would rather take the three month relationship deal, than to simply date a guy and call it quits. If I’ve learned something these past few years, is that women like to feel or believe they are in some kind of commitment, even if that commitment is false. Some woman would rather live a lie and say they were in a three month relationship, than to say they’ve dated a ‘douche,’ slept with him and moved on. Unfortunately is the truth, I know this is not top secret, it’s actually the worse kept secret. A large number of guys will use this to their advantage, luckily I’ve only had a couple of girlfriends, since I have sisters, I’m usually straight forward with the woman I’ve had the privilege of meeting. Now, women are no saints, nor will I make them the victims of this scenario.

If you are wondering if men live by some certain code, let me tell you that men don’t really go around saying, “That’s guy code, I can’t do this.” On the contrary, most men won’t let a good opportunity pass them by, even if they regret it the next morning. Men can be liars, deceiving, careless, idiots, beings that think with their penis and not their head, I can strongly agree with all that. Yet I won’t dare say that all men have these traits, I would simply be misleading my female readers if that were the case. I would’ve never wrote a blog about ‘If Gentleman still Existed,’ I believe they do, but just like there’s gentleman left, there’s more assholes in this world, excuse my french. Those are the guys a lot of the girls from my generation are attracted to, the one’s that are “hot,” because to be honest and sincere, like my friend wants to put it, that’s what society has turned many of these women into, a mentality that leads to failure.


I love women, they deserve respect, more importantly they deserve honesty at all times. The ‘Men Code’ doesn’t exist, but there is certain rules that men follow in order to avoid conflicts or to avoid being seen as “Thirstiest animal in the jungle.”

The Stupid Code

A man should never help another man apply sun tan oil

If you ever compliment a guy’s six pack, you better be talking about his choice of beverage

Friends don’t let friends wear a speedo

If a man’s zipper is down, that is his problem, you didn’t see anything

When questioned by a friend’s girlfriend, you need not and should not provide any information as to his whereabouts, you are even permitted to deny his very own existence

Don’t erase your friend from Facebook because you’re mad at him

(This list is endless)

Serious Code

Don’t date anyone your friend was in love with

Don’t be a snitch, whistle blower unless it’s a best friend or immediate and close relative

If you’ve known a guy for more then 24 hours, his sister is off limits unless you marry her

Just like ‘Girl Code,’ men follow certain rules that were probably made by some drunk idiot in college while playing “Beer Pong.” I would rather say that it’s the ethical thing to do. The guys who do live by these rules are pretty much careless about rules period, the only one’s most men truly follow, are the three serious one’s I mentioned. To be honest with all of you, even those rules go out the window with many of the guys. One of my female friend asked me if guys pass girls around, the answer is NO. Do guys care? Not really, unless it’s a woman you’ve dated seriously. If a woman talks to a friend, she’s violating her own codes of ethic and the only way she would be respected is if talking to the friend leads to something serious.

To all my Girls

If you talk to a guy and then move on to the friend because you want to have fun, trust me when I say, your dignity has gone out the window. The only time a guy will respect your choice to talk to a friend, is when there’s serious interest by the two persons involved. Men will probably eliminate themselves when a girl doesn’t put out, or acts too serious from the start. If you want a guy to take you serious, let them know from the start you seek something serious. Not all man are interested in playing the field, there comes a time when every guy wants to meet a nice girl. This doesn’t mean that you will settle for the first thing that comes across your way.


My friend dated a girl that once told him that she likes to keep her options open, I personally can respect that. Nevertheless, it’s the worse thing you can tell any man, it’s a free pass to bring that back out when you find out he’s dating other girls. Guys do care, they don’t want friends dating someone they seriously dated. Nonetheless like I mentioned before, it does happen, many guys can respect another guy for asking in order to avoid conflicts.

These codes we constantly talk about are full of stupidities people make up and surround with basic ethical rules of life. The men that follow most of these rules are careless, meaning your emotional state doesn’t really matter. The fact that a girl is a sweetheart or the nicest woman you’ve ever met doesn’t mean much. Have you seen ‘He’s just not that into you?’ When a guy wants to make it happen, he will make it happen. That my friends is the truth. Now, I’m making men seem bad and in some cases this might be the reality. There’s good guys and bad one’s, there’s also good woman, gold diggers, and women that act like guys. This stops being a problem of girl or men codes and gender, what it really becomes is a breach in ethical codes your mother should’ve taught you. Maybe you’re easily influenced and MTV has breached your brain, matter of fact is that you can’t stop picking up apples because you’ve picked up a few rotten one’s. This goes for men and women in general. If you want me to tell you if many guys are asses, the answer is yes, I would be careful if I were a woman. The thing is that nowadays this goes both ways, women can play the same cards and it’s sad that in our country, society has changed our mentality to make this seem like it’s okay. I hold my ground when I say that not all men are the same, that I know for a fact. Nor am I the perfect man or the perfect gentleman, what I do know is that I have a mother that taught me how to own up to my mistakes and admit when I’m wrong, see you guys next week.

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2 thoughts on “The Men Code

  1. Enjoyed every bit of bit. When a guy wants to make it happen, he will make it happen(my favorite sentence by the way)…now thats not a guy..thats a man in my book =)

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