The Gold Digger

The Gold Digger

It’s here by popular demand, I will be honest when I say that I was holding off on writing this blog on, Yes, ‘The Gold Diggers.’ Woman don’t take kindly to these kind of blogs, (when they fit the category of course) they like when you put man on blast, but ‘oh man’ do they hate to hear the truth. This is not only about women, albeit the grand majority of the stuff I will talk about is about them.

“Now I’m not saying she’s a Gold Digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke Ninja.”

Before writing this piece, I sat down with many of my female and male friends and listened to what they had to say about the topic, the results made my jaw dropped. I put a few of the pieces I found with the one’s I already had and “Kumbaya My Lord, Kumbaya.”

I have proceeded to divide ‘Gold Diggers’ into three different categories besides the three categories that already exist.

The Golden Ticket

The Digger

The Jumper

The Golden ticket goes to the Gold Diggers who are looking for their meal ticket, the one’s that marry the athletes, the artist, or a man so full of success she can smell it a mile away. Gold Diggers looking for the Golden Ticket really have no limitations, they are attracted to a man’s success and nothing else. Looks and feelings are definitely out the window in this case. I’m not even going to go in circles today, straight to an example. (Golden Ticket Gold Digger)

One of my buddies, is a hard worker who’s currently working in Miami. In a recent conversation, he was telling me that his ex-girlfriend was constantly talking about all the things her ex-boyfriend would do for her. These things included shopping sprees, paying her rent and constant vacations. She claimed to love my friend but I really think she was in love with what he brought to the table. I won’t make any excuses for her, she’s a Gold Digger looking for a meal ticket. “I pity the fool” who ends up with her.

The Golden Ticket is the highest award amongst Gold Diggers, the ‘creme de la creme.’ If you’re Gold Digger, this is what you probably aspire to, now ladies and gentleman, I’m not in it to make new friends, I dish it out equally, male or female in this case.

The Digger

The Digger is like a second class Gold Digger, she doesn’t want the meal ticket, she really wants free stuff. She works, has a a job, makes money, yet she wants to be spoiled. Has a list of friends who would gladly pay for her to hang out and take trips. When she goes out, she like for her drinks to be paid for all night, never offers, she always expects. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that guys should still pay when they take a girl out. It’s simply the right thing to do. Nevertheless, it’s not an obligation, no guy should feel forced to pay for things all the time because a girl is beautiful. If you are guy who has to pay in order to spend time with a group of gorgeous girls, someone is digging the little gold you might have.

An example of this situation (The Digger) would be having to spend hundreds of dollars in order to have a group of girls hang out with you on a frequent basis. The truth is, if guys are spending money, they are also expecting something in return, that thing is called the cookie. In that case guys would be ‘Cookie Diggers,’ makes sense to me, I’ve never met a guy that spends a lot of money without expecting something in return. Some of my girlfriends hang out with a very cool guy who is always spending money on them. After a little research, I found out he had nailed one of the girls very discreetly, it’s called pick and choose the target ladies.

The Jumper

The jumper is the lowest class of gold digging, basically is jumping at any opportunity that might present itself. Similar to a freeloader, by all means if it’s free, they will take it. Do any of you ladies have any of those friends that like to jump at free things, say a paid vacation, trip, dinner? A guy interested in you might say:

(The Jumper)

Guy: We should grab dinner and drinks sometime, bring your friend if you’d like.

Jumper: Girl we need to go, he said bring your friends and we don’t have to pay.

Guy: I have a table……(Didn’t even finish the sentence when…)

Jumper: Where?

Jumpers have no shame in their game, they have a mission and that mission is to get as many free things even if it’s not initially for them.

This search led me in an entire different direction, see a lot of these girls don’t even make Gold Diggers. Real Gold Diggers are full time employees of the position, Most of the ‘Gold Diggers’ out there today are really ‘Silver Diggers.’

Silver Diggers chase middle class man, Gold Diggers chase millionaires, in the end, they are both chasing the same thing, to be pampered and spoiled. Takes me to my next example. I once went out with a girl who told me she dated older man for a reason (ouch.)

The Digger

“You’re handsome but I like to be spoiled and pampered,” were her exact words. I found it funny, Up to this day, I refuse to pay in order to spend time with a woman. I wanted to tell her, “Why don’t you try” All those gym hours have not gone in vain. Next time you find yourself with one of these, dedicate her one of the following songs.

Songs for Gold Diggers

Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx Gold Digger

Cee-Lo Brown Forget You

Dolly Rockers Gold Digger

Avril Lavigne One of those Girls

Pepe Aguilar Por unas monedas

Boswell Sisters The Gold Diggers Song We’re in the money 1933

Travis Porter Make it Rain

EPMD Gold Digger

Let’s be honest, the line is very thin, a lot of girls will probably say they are not Gold Diggers. Maybe they’re not, but many do have ‘Gold Digging Tendencies,’ a lot of girls are definitely guilty of that.

I find comfort in saying that there’s great woman out there looking for a man to simply share their time with them, treat them with dignity and respect. Woman that don’t care about the size of your wallet but that you’re doing something with your life. I’m fortunate to have many of these woman in my life today, they laugh when I bring the topic up. A meal ticket will only take you so far in this life, genuine feelings and hard work will carry you for the rest of your life, big difference.
There’s a saying that says, “If the coat fits, then put it on.” It’s usually a saying for men. Therefore I came up with a different one, “If those heels fit, wear them.”

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