Lent Season

Last week I noticed  a new trend as I walked down the streets of  my community like I usually do on a daily basis. I quietly observed how a lot of people walked around the malls,parks, and even gyms with dirt on their foreheads. I didn’t want to be rude, therefore I kept my comments to myself. It’s not like I was thinking of approaching strangers and telling them, “Excuse me sir, your forehead is dirty.”

In all seriousness, I know it’s ‘Lent Season’ which many Christian Catholics follow religiously every year. I also know that by the end of this blog, many of the people that follow my writing will hate me. I apologize ahead of time and if I offend you, I really don’t care, why? because it’s the truth and I’m not making anything up.

What is Lent?

Lent is the period of 40 week days that in the Christian Church is devoted to fasting, abstinence, and penitence. Yes, the period where everyone goes to church and says they will give something up for their “Quadragesima, quaresima, cuaresma,” in Latin, Italian and Spanish. Also known as a period to commemorate the resurrection of Christ. Important people who have done the ‘Cuaresma’ in history are Moses, Elias and Jesus Christ himself.

In case you didn’t know

Some analyst on the topic, date the ‘Cuaresma’ practice back to the fifth century, albeit  this observation is not supported by many scholars. Let’s stick to the Catholic tradition for today. ‘Lent’ has really gone from something sacred to an event hundreds of people seem to celebrate every year. The people who publicly announce to the world, what they will give up for their 40 days. I guess this makes people better Christians nowadays, all you need to do is dedicate 40 days to the religion and you will be saved from going to hell. My question becomes, if you’re a good Christian, which I hope you are, what happens to the other 326 days? (Since February has 29 days this year.)

How do we determine who is doing a good deed and who is simply making real Christians and Catholics look horrendous. My problem is seeing how there’s dozens of people I know, announcing to the world that for their ‘Cuaresma,’ they will give up certain luxuries or things they can’t live without. “For Lent I’m giving up Facebook!” Are you kidding me? Is that what ‘Lent’ has become to our society? Giving up a Social Media site? Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days and some of my friends are flaunting how they will give up Facebook.

Instead of doing things that will show a better Christian within, some of us focus on the little things that really make no difference. How about you go and help the homeless for forty days. You can also volunteer with special needs, or help at the salvation army! No one cares if you give up Facebook, Twitter or any of the social media sites you might belong to. If the goal of being a Christian is to emulate Jesus Christ, than we should act like Jesus did, help others, show compassion and do something that will have a ripple effect. No one is telling you practice fasting for forty days, but I do believe my fellow so called Christians can do better than giving up meaningless things. Here is a good one, why don’t some of the people who practice ‘Lent,’ do the following:


Read the Bible


Actually go to Church

Stop partying like rock stars

Keep Lent between God and Yourself

Become healthier individuals

Help people in need

Change bad habits (for good)

Practice more good deeds

Go beyond Lent and practice it the entire year

If I’m not mistaking, these are things Christians should be practicing on a daily basis no matter what month of the year we are in. If you practice ‘Lent,’ let me burst your bubble when I tell you that it doesn’t mean you’re going to heaven. I know, it sucks right? If you believe in ‘Lent,’ you believe in heaven and hell and sadly even with ‘Lent,’ some of the people who practice this believe are going straight to hell.

Yes, the same people who you see at the club “Popping bottles like they won a championship ring.” ‘Lent’ is not the key to your salvation, if that’s what you believe, good luck to you. Like I told you guys before, you can hate me or you can love me, at least I know you’re reading this blog. Please feel free to subscribe and share this with all your friends. We can discuss it, we can argue it, keep it clean and let’s make it interesting. I been receiving request to add another day of the blog, what do you guys think?

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2 thoughts on “Lent Season

  1. Every one thinks what they want I don’t believe in religion cristians talk about catholics catholics about cristians and that’s not right..u want to pray or talk to god do it anywhere he is listening

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