Kony 2012 Band Wagon

Kony 2012 Band Wagon

It’s Monday once again, and even though some of you are cursing the existence of this day, others like myself, enjoy the fact that we have a fresh start once again. So you found out that Africa is in need of help, you even shared the video that intends to make Joseph Kony a famous man. You didn’t ask questions, you didn’t do any research on the people who promote the video. You decided that you would change the world by sharing the video on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and any of the social media sites available. Now you think you’ve saved Africa by acting like you care.

Luckily, I wasn’t so quick to jump the gun and promote a video that out of nowhere, now has more than 60 million views world wide. I simply asked myself, “if the people who shared this video cared so much, why haven’t they acted on the matter sooner?” Instead of skipping channels every time that ‘World Vision’ commercial came on, why didn’t they pick up the phone and donated money to feed starving children.

The power of social media is beyond our imagination today, 10 years ago you would’ve never thought of something like this. Today social media sites can create ripple effects that have an impact world wide. Like one of my good friends recently stated, “Earlier this year it was Tim Tebow, then it was Jeremy Lin, and today it’s Joseph Kony.” If I’m not mistaking, this sounds like a short term resonant voice. Is our culture that easily fooled by what others say?

Let’s look at some facts

Before we proceed, let me be clear by stating that I’m not slandering Invisible Children, the creators of Kony 2012. They do in fact raise a lot of questions when you look deep within this non profit organization. Invisible Children raised over 13 million dollars in 2011, according to their 2011 budget which is public online, (http://c2052482.r82.cf0.rackcdn.com/images/737/original/FY11-Audited%20Financial%20Statements.pdf?1320205055). From those 13 million, more than 8 million dollars were use to promote, and create what you see today, they call it raising more awareness. Around 3 million dollars actually went back in to Uganda. That’s 32% of the budget, my math might be terrible, but that sure sounds way off when you think about helping the cause.

The rest of the budget has been reported to go in to staff’s salaries and travel to name a few. Invisible Children have helped hundreds of children, they have created an enormous echo regarding Joseph Kony. A man that many of us never heard of until we were part of the video that has gone viral. The question becomes, out of 13 million dollars, only 3 million dollars to help the cause which Invisible Children has highly promoted? You make your own conclusion on the topic.

Let’s keep it moving

Other sources such as ‘Take the Red Pill Philosophy,’ have come out to highly question Invisible Children. Stating that Kony hasn’t been in Uganda for quite some time; Now that is odd, isn’t? I bet a lot of you weren’t aware of that because you were simply told to share the video and join the cause. Have you noticed how high gas is nowadays? It’s ridiculous if you ask me. I’m planning on riding my bicycle everywhere in order to save some money. Did you know that Uganda has oil reserves by any chance? Invisible Children failed to inform all of us about that as well. Our country is in much need of oil, isn’t that one of the reason why we invaded Iraq for a second time. I wouldn’t know, I’m just a blogger, and bloggers only fill papers with words according to some writers.

It’s been proven historically that the United States does not get involved in issues that have no interest to our great country. We have no reason to invade Uganda, Kony is not threatening our national security. Wait, what about if the people demand the government to act on the matter? Then we can help Uganda by finding Joseph Kony, one of my best friends made it very clear, “We get rid of Kony, and we keep your oil!” Now that sounds like a plan.

When the video came out, your friends and yourself jumped out in numbers, cursing the mere existence of Kony. Many of you were probably not aware that you practiced ‘Slacktivism.’

“Slacktavism- The self deluding idea that by sharing, liking, or retweeting something you are helping out.”

Yes, Kony should pay for his crimes, he should be held accountable for the pain and harm he has caused Uganda. Nevertheless, before we go and stick our nose where it doesn’t belong, why don’t we start changing things here at home. For example, Los Angeles has the highest number of homeless people in the United States, should’t we start by helping them a little more? A few years ago, I conducted a special report for a local radio station. That report helped me find out that hundreds of the people who are homeless seek help but don’t receive it. Mothers with children, teenagers, and abandoned family members.

If we want to make this huge change in the world, why don’t you help Mexico out, Central America to name a few places near by. Africa does needs help, there’s bad people all over the world. If you think that by sharing a video you have changed this planet, I welcome your opinions for discussion. I can respect many of my friends that go the extra mile to make a difference in the world by volunteering and helping the less fortunate with actions and not words.

Go tag the world on April 20th 2012

If you’re planning on joining the massive event this April, have you thought about who will clean the mess? Perhaps your tax dollars can put in some overtime hours in order to clean the mess. It’s time to stop being a follower and begin being a leader. Yesterday it was Tebow, Lin and today it’s Kony, what’s next? Are you online waiting for the next wagon to hop on? Kony 2012, you make your own conclusions.

Feel free to drop me a comment, there’s no right or wrong, we are all free to make our own conclusions. Share this blog with your friends and re post it on your social media page of preference because I’m telling you to do it. I’m messing with you guys, thank you for reading and stay posted for better things to come.

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