Winners can’t be Quitters

"I'll Show you how great I'am"

“I’ll Show you how great I’am”

Winners can’t be Quitters

“The Only thing guaranteed at birth is DEATH, everything else you have to earn!”

Another week has passed by and once again I can only hope that all of you are doing great. Next week brings a fresh start at becoming healthier, a chance to redefine our goals and to live life a day at a time. It’s amazing waking up to emails and text with topics to talk about each week, please keep them coming.

It’s a rule of life that “Winners can’t be quitters and quitters can’t be winners.” Life is full of up and downs, we each have our own battles and struggles to overcome. Have you ever asked yourself, “Maybe this is not for me? Maybe I’ve made the wrong choice and it’s time to move on.” In this life we have all encountered a time when we believe we are heading in the wrong direction. A time when people want to make you feel that you’re no good. That perhaps you don’t have what it takes to make it in whatever field you’re trying to shine in.

Don’t be a fool

When I was just a boy, I heard those words repeatedly, “You’re no good and you won’t make it.” To some people I wasn’t good enough to graduate High School, today I ask myself, “I wasn’t good enough to graduate High School?” The truth is that I probably didn’t have the best role models, my older cousins weren’t the best examples. For whatever reason, they chose to take a path that led them to hard moments and struggles they regret today. For their sake, I’m glad to say they’ve changed their life’s. Nonetheless, the choices made by my older cousins led everyone to believe that I would also fail. For many people High School is pretty basic, it’s something you have to accomplish. In my family it was quite the contrary, you were expected to work and help your family because that’s the way things are done back in Central America.

Not me

From the moment I entered middle school, I was on a mission to keep a promise I made to my mother, to go to college. Middle school was difficult, by the time I entered 6th to 8th grade, I had already attended four elementary schools. I refused to transfer schools, therefore I sometimes found myself walking three miles in order to make it to school early in the morning when my mother didn’t have money for my bus fair. High school was no different, I travelled even further using public transportation, a 15 mile bus ride got me to school each morning. I was on a mission to complete school and prove everyone wrong, I was not going to settle for less than a high school degree. In the process, I met great teachers I still keep in touch with today, Mr. Edwards my English teacher and Ms. Gibbs, my Spanish teacher. Both very influential in my education then and today.

Is normal to fall over and over during your journey in life, how fast you get up, determines how strong minded you really are. There’s no destiny in this life, at least that’s my opinion, even the richest can fall when the wrong choices are made. Yes, some of us are born more fortunate than others, things are handed down by parents who’ve worked extremely hard to provide their children with better opportunities. Withal, no one is really destined, we are all indeed predestined. We make the choices and we pave our own road, things change and we make sudden turns, but in the end they are still choices made by us. Some people knock on one door an it opens up, others knock on hundreds of them before seeing one open. My biggest fear in life has always been to be the guy with all the talent that never made it. Therefore I keep knocking and knocking even when my knuckles are bruised and bleeding. I’ve fallen more times than a person that can’t snowboard but I know how to get up, each time I get up faster and stronger. Disappointments are part of the journey, falling shouldn’t prevent any of us from dreaming big. We create our own road in this life, at least in the United States we are lucky to say that’s the case.

I over came high school and college, I’m after bigger and better dreams today, a possible master’s in English, Latin history or even social media itself. You can’t stop dreaming because people or life has put a halt on your journey. You learn how to take detours and keep moving in order to get to your destination. People will let you down over and over, that is something you can count on. However, no one can let you down as much as yourself. If you’re a quitter, we are probably not friends, quitting and giving up is not in my DNA. The days where the feeling of giving up emerge, always come around, yet when you’ve been a fighter all your life, it’s simply not an option. We’ll own a fire, sometimes it’s only a spark, other times it’s a flame that can’t be extinguished. Which one do you currently possess? If you’re on the other side, maybe it’s time you become a fighter because “Winners can’t be quitters and quitters can’t be winners,” it’s a rule of life.

Feel free to share this and post it on your social media site of preference, your thoughts and opinions are always welcome, therefore I encourage you to drop a comment. Sometimes you have to be like the great Muhammad Ali and show every one “How great I’am.”

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