The calling game


The calling Game 

You’re probably wondering what day of the week it is, if you guessed Thursday, you’re correct. Why are you reading this blog on a Thursday you might ask? Besides me being on a plane on my way to Miami, well let’s just say that we need this blog to get a little more busy, my writing needs all the polishing it can obtain. What better way than to keep all of you entertained. In a recent conversation with one of my sisters, an interesting topic came about. How often should you call your boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it mandatory to call or text everyday when you first date someone? Do you have to talk everyday? Well to begin, let me state that my sister is an unusual girl. She believes that she doesn’t have to talk to anyone on a daily basis, she calls or text when she feels like it.

Say what?

It is not a rule, and no one has ever stated that is mandatory to call or text someone you have begun to date. I’m not talking about couples with years under their belt, or married couples who know each others moves by memory. My sister is referring to communication when you first date a person. I agree, it’s not an obligation, you don’t have to talk to a person everyday, heck, I would probably get bored, specially when you’ve done it in the past. “Oh, you’re favorite color is pink? How original.” 

 Two Stages 

Let’s break this down, there’s two different stages we need to learn how to distinguish. The first stage is communication when you’re dating or talking to someone. At this stage, you’re definitely not forced to talk to a person everyday. Day’s might pass before you hear from a person, with all right indeed. 

It is at this level where a foundation for a relationship is created. If you’re trying to learn about the person you have found interest in, this is where you play the “question game, 21 questions,” or whatever the kids call those non stop question asking games. Text messages are not a mandatory rule or a law imposed on the dating scene. Nevertheless, the more you call and text, the more interest you show the other person. The previous sentence does not give you the right to blow up any ones phone by the way. Some people might take this out of context and start sending non stop messages. It’s only common sense that the other person will either text  or call you back to confirm interest.

The second stage is during new relationships, this is where my crazy sister comes in. She doesn’t think that talking to a person everyday is necessary, like a friend told her, “you just haven’t been in love yet.” In my personal experience, those beginning stages are the one’s where you can’t wait to hear from that person, where you simply take the time to say “goodnight, hope you have a good day!” Let’s not talk about what happens years in, “Yea yea, good night, Good night! I’m trying to go to sleep here, gees!” (Joke).I’ve never met someone who thought it was the opposite, until I realized I lived with a person who thinks that way. “So what if the guy sends you a text and you’re on one of your off days? Well I’ll see how I feel and then I’ll think about replying.” My response was immediately, “Good luck finding a husband.” Whether it’s on the dating or early relationship stage, when someone sends you a text, or calls you, common courtesy would be to reply or call back. One of my personal pet peeves is when I call or text a woman and there’s no reply, but the next day there’s a message like nothing occurred, like if I never called or text. “Really? you didn’t see my call or text?” (I would usually say in mind). I’ve never quite understood why certain people think that’s normal. “I don’t think I have to give you an explanation why I went missing,” a girl once told me, ouch, forgive me for caring doll. 

These circumstances might not apply for all married couples, when it comes to being married, is like learning a playbook. You know all the moves and you know how they will be executed. If things don’t play out as planned, mercy on your soul my friend. Married couples (for most part) know schedules like the back of their hands. If you ever want to see something comical, ask your married friend to stay an hour or two without making a call. One of my best friends has this dilemma, he comes out every once in a while, but he’s like cinderella, around midnight is time to go home. He usually panics and starts making his way home before the evil witch get’s mad. He begins calling and texting that he’s on his way home like a good boy.

Where were we?

I have to admit that I strongly disagree with my sister, I think she has it all wrong. Maybe this is because she is yet to fall in love according to her friend. I believe communication is key to any successful relationship. You don’t have a full on conversation with a person on a daily basis, people do work and have other things going on. Yet, even with all these things, you can’t blow someone off for trying to say “hello, how are you?” If you like to blow people off because you feel that today you wan’t alone time, and today is not the day to be approached by anyone. What happens when they give you a taste of your own medicine? I like to play it ‘old testament,’ for those of you who don’t follow, “An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.” Therefore in case you weren’t aware, now you’ve learned something new about me. You’ve also learned something about my sister, if you’re trying to talk to her, good luck boys, say 100 hail mary’s and maybe you’ll be the lucky guy to change the way she thinks.

Thank you for being loyal followers to this blog, this is “Everyday life with Mo.” Please drop me a comment and feel free to repost or share this blog, your support is what keeps this going. Don’t be afraid to throw in your two cents, I might be the wrong one, and my sister my be correct with her point of view. Feel free to check out previous blogs as well.

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