It’s me Time

This is not me!

One of the biggest fears we might have as human beings, is the single thought of living life alone. Without that person who will eventually spend the rest of their life right next to yours. Despite all of these thoughts, how do you know when you’re choosing the right partner? One of life’s biggest admirations, is to observe two people grow old together. It’s a wonderful feeling when you listen to the stories of how married couples met 30 years ago and are still together because life apart would not be life.

Granting all this, there’s a time in everyone’s life to reflect and enjoy that personal single time that married couples sometimes wish they had. This leads me to my personal thoughts on the matter. I’ve learned to enjoy my personal time, I truly love the company of a woman whether it’s at the relationship or dating stage. Today it’s neither, today I can say my primary focus is a career and a possible dream job in a near future. The possibility for a relationship is always open, it has been awhile personally. Nonetheless, here’s the dilemma, I don’t believe in jumping from relationship to relationship even though many of my friends and girlfriends believe it’s okay.

After years of paving a road that will eventually lead me to the success I seek, I’ve learned to value my stock a little high. I’m not the golden standard, nor do I believe I’m a Calvin Klein model. After my current visit to Miami, those thoughts went out the window (That’s a joke). Okay, wait a second, I got carried away with that Miami vacation, man, are there hot woman on this planet or what? Like I was saying, being single isn’t all that bad, I’ve gotten to learn a lot of things about myself that I didn’t know before. I’m able to go out and watch a movie by myself and not feel like a loner. That’s exactly what I did this week, after a crazy vacation, I can honestly say that I wanted to spend some me time. So guess what I did? I went to the movies, but before the movies I decided to have a burger at ‘The Habit,’ delicious burgers let me tell you.

I picked up my GQ magazine and headed out without making an announcement to anyone of my whereabouts. Don’t become addled, this gets better as the story moves on, so I hope. I get to ‘The Habit,’ make an order, all I want is a burger and unsweetened ice tea. “Do you want any fries?” asked the girl working, “No thank you, I just came back from Miami, I need to get back on track with what I eat.” She smiled and told me my order would be coming up, she gave me one of those electronic number gadgets that vibrates when your order is ready. Meantime, I chose the perfect spot where I could enjoy my burger, opened my GQ magazine and began to read. I was enjoying this articles on men with mini vans so much that I began to laugh out loud. It was then I remembered that I was there by myself. I picked up my head and looked around to see if anyone was looking at me, only to find a pretty girl starring. I wondered what she might be thinking, “Why is he here by himself reading a magazine, loner!” Is what went across my mind but then she smiled and turned away, she was there with a guy on a date.

My electronic gadget vibrated and the table started to shake, my burger was ready to be picked up. “Mushroom burger?” asked the worker, “Yes sir, that’s mine, thank you.” I walked back to my table when I noticed the pretty girl had chosen the table right next to mine. I made my way back with a huge tray for a small burger, I turned right and noticed her glancing at me, she smiled and I turned away. “ Not interested,” I thought, she was there with another guy, how would I feel if I was him? Therefore I kept reading and enjoying my article on minivans, as pretty as a woman might be, I thought about the guy, it was a date and it’s simply not the right thing to do.I finished reading my article and eating my burger and headed to the theater, as I walked out, the pretty girl smiled. I thought about winking my eye but I’m not that good at it, I need more practice to make those kind of moves. I simply left smiling because I remembered why I sometimes enjoy time to myself.

The funny thing is that when ever I tell my sisters these stories, they automatically say, “you’re weird.” They believe is not right to go to a movie alone, they add that I have too many friends to find myself in that position. I watched the Hunger Games if you’re wondering what movie I spent two hours watching by myself. Great movie, at the end of the movie, okay relax, I’m not going to talk about the movie. There’s nothing wrong with spending some quality “You” time, when you do it out of your own free will. It’s healthy to actually be able to have some personal time. If you want to know what’s weird, I would say going to a club by yourself is definitely on another level of personal time. That’s a line that I would never cross in my city, out of state I’ll be dancing my butt off.

You are not weird my friends, if you enjoy spending some time alone here and there, there’s no reason to feel aloof from the world. This time should serve as time to reflect and learn about yourself. There’s people in this world that can’t be out of a relationship, for some reason they always need someone to validate their existence. My response is simple, “No one validates your existence or your self worth, only yo can do that.” Enjoy your burger or if you’re like me, enjoy your movie, a little alone time has never killed anyone. My biggest alone time is spent in the gym and I know many of you might do the same and never observed it that way.

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