I’m not that type

My women are smart no doubt

“Men are liars, deceiving, manipulative, players, horn dogs and practically all of them are same.” If you’re a man like myself, you’ve heard this from a girlfriend once or twice in your life time. I’m not going to argue the fact that a high number of men probably fit right into this category. When men are put on this position, a defense mechanism switch turns on, imagine Optimus Prime transforming from truck to giant robot in a matter of seconds. The immediate response to such an attack usually is, “I’m different,” In some situations this might be true but in most cases it’s probably not. “They all say that, every men says he’s different but they are all the same,” said the angry woman.

I’m different

The response has become so cliche that woman won’t buy it, you need action behind it. It takes several unmanly acts to prove that you’re indeed on a different class and that you’re not indeed a douche bags like 90 percent of other men. You might be thinking you know where this is heading but let me stop you right there. Let’s talk a little about the other side of the coin. If “I’m different,” is one of the most popular lines used by men, than what would be the most commonly used line by women? wait for it, wait for it, “I’m not that type of girl,” ding, ding, ding.

You’re not that type of girl, therefore what type of girl are you? Are you the type that puts herself in awkward situations in which you have to clarify that you’re not that type of girl? Well, how did you end up in the situation you’ve found yourself in? Men might be con artist, deceiving and many other things but women are no saints in this game, it most certainly takes two to tango. This is indeed not an attack on women, I love women, anyone who knows me might tell you I’m infatuated with women, I have more sisters than you have aunt’s and uncles, (True story.) This term has been on my mind for quite sometime now. The line is a woman’s self defense mechanism to shield an image. I’ve never met a woman that want’s to have a terrible public image, we live in a world where we judge others by appearance, nevertheless by actions. Most women are so concern about what other women say about them, that it sometimes leads to depression. In our modern era that would be a negative or subliminal messages on Facebook or Twitter.

Girl 1: “Girl, did you see what she posted on Facebook/Twitter? I know she was talking about us!”

Girl 2: “Mmm I’m about to go post what she did last week, shoot.”

What does it mean?

I’ve heard it from a number of guys, what does it mean? “I’m not that type of girl,” usually translates to, “I’m not a whore, I don’t want you to think I’m a lady of the evening.” The thing is that in the moment no one is making such claims or accusations. Men could be dogs but they won’t dare ask that question. Imagine yourself being intimate with a guy or being a guy and asking, “Wait a second, are you that type of girl?” It really doesn’t happen that way. Now, your actions might speak differently of you, if this is a thing you practice often, perhaps you should ask yourself if you’re that type of girl. What do I mean? If you committed the same maneuver with guys that might know each other than you’re probably the type of girl you’re trying not to be. Guys talk, don’t be fooled, the only way most guys won’t talk about it, is when things are leading in a serious direction or they’re simply keeping you a secret. Up to this point I keep asking myself, who made that up? who started that line, it must of been a woman.

Let’s go back

Why do women say this? Usually it’s for guys who go for the kill on the first date, it’s a response that say’s “I don’t do this with everyone,” when a woman finds herself attracted or interested to a man, “EASY” is the last thing she want’s to be seen as. In order to try to get this as correct as possible, I practically interviewed more than a handful of woman. They all answered differently but agreed that I had a valid point when I presented my argument. The last thing I need, is for my readers to think I’m making things up, I do this for you guys. After questioning some of these woman like they’ve committed a murder, one answer stood out the most. “I’ve never had to say that to any men.” Okay, I thought to myself, “She’s never been in that situation, what do I ask her now? and then it hit me.”

This girl is a realist, she knows what she’s doing and she’s a woman about it, she has no reason to front or make up stories, men respect that 100 percent. I called one of my most dependable female sources and discussed the topic, her answers always enlighten my brain. “I don’t usually do this but you’re special to me,” she added as a line women throw out there to cover their tracks. The choices we make belong to each one of us and no one else, whether they’re right or wrong, they belong to us. “I’m not that type of girl,” has become as cliche as “I’m different, the exception and difference to all men.” Ladies, take a minute and think back, have you ever said that to a guy? was it because he was trying to hit a home run like Albert Pujols? If you did, how far in did you throw the famous line in? Think about it.

Have you ever acknowledged that by saying “I’m not that type of girl,” you’re only judging yourself and inviting the other person to judge you as well? When perhaps the thought of you being any type has not even crossed the mind. It’s time women own up to their actions and decisions like adults. Don’t be so quick to pull the trigger and start being a women about your choices. If you made the decision, own it and don’t let your conscious play guilt tricks on you.

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