Coupon date

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Coupon date

Living in Los Angeles could mean more than one thing around the world. When people hear the cities name, their eyes twinkle like Puss and boots eye’s when he tries to get his way. With that said, living in Los Angeles or in any major city in the country comes with certain stipulations. For example, never take a girl out on a date with a Living Social, Groupon or any type of coupon that will pay for the bill, so we thought.

A couple of months ago, I posted the question whether it was okay for a guy to take a girl on a date using a coupon. The feedback was overwhelming and surprising. “Ladies, what would you say if a guy took you out on a date and paid with a coupon?” I asked. A few answered exactly the way I expected them to answer. “Not with me he better not,” said one of the girls who answered the question. Despite that answer, it was the many who answered quite the opposite that caught my eye. “Smart man,” and “he’s a keeper,” were answers that stood out from the rest.

If there was one thing that most of the men and women could agree on, it was the fact that no man should use a coupon on a first date. I can definitely concur with that point of view. I can’t imagine taking a woman out to dinner and paying with a coupon, “Don’t worry baby, I got this,” (Bam! take out a coupon.) There’s nothing wrong with the idea of doing it, we simply have to understand that on a first date it would probably give the wrong impression. Regardless, that situation would never compare to some of the things some men do on dates. Take for example this guy I know, (no names you know the rules) when ever he goes on dates, he tends to ask the girl to pay for her own half of the bill. The man is economical as well, (yea right!) he might think that but in all honesty, I think we call it cheap.

Back to the coupons

We established a few things:

  1. Never use a coupon on a first date
  2. Never ask your date to pay
  3. if you use a coupon don’t act like you’re a high roller (Bam! I got this)

Men, in case you were wondering, women understand that times are tough, that money doesn’t come easy. The women who usually understand just that, are the ladies who know what hard earned money looks like. I’m not talking about the free loading, gold diggers, ketchup on my fries type, who love the high life at no extra cost. However, there’s certain things you should know before you decide to take a lady out on a coupon date. First and foremost, you should let her know that you bought a coupon because that’s exactly what you’re doing. In case some of you are not aware, what these sites do, is sell you a cheaper meal or deal in advanced. I’m sure you’ll already knew that because I have the brightest followers and I know only people with high IQ’s read my stuff.

Make it smooth buddy, learn the ropes to the point where it will be as easy as butter sliding on a piece of toast. “Look at here beautiful, I, yes, I just bought the most amazing deal (leave the word coupon out) and I would love to spend some quality time with you.” I’m not pursuing you to use those exact lines, in case it comes down to it please make sure you give me credit, (I hope you know I’m just kidding.) Besides the coupon and date, there is something that is crucial if you’re trying to take a girl out on a coupon date. The one rule that can’t be broken an if you do, perhaps you don’t deserve a second chance, go under a rock and never come back out, alright I’m exaggerating. That rule is to provide the best conversation possible, it means blow her mind away to the point she forgets the existence of that coupon.

There’s no point in being economical, smart and know how to manage your money the best way possible if you’re boring. If you can’t talk about anything besides your earnings and dog, please don’t event mention the coupon and simply pay out of pocket. Trust me when I say, “You don’t want to be the boring, coupon guy.” I’ve never tried using a coupon on a date, I’ve practically never considered the idea, I thought it would make any men look cheap. Albeit with all the positive feedback I’ve received why not try it but in my case I won’t say anything, I’m simply going to take it out of my pocket and say here you go. I would like to see the reaction such act would receive, I’m practically sitting here imagining what would happen. Before I let you guys go, the only time you’re allowed to use a coupon, is when you’re married. By that time you’re basically trying to save every dollar, times are hard for married couple who deal with rent, utilities, bills and other important things.

Don’t be afraid boys, print those coupons and make sure you use them correctly on the right girl. If I were you, I would print one out from Bevmo in order to meet some of the demands these high maintenance woman impose, “Wine and dine” all day my friends. Thank you for reading, please feel free to share, just click on the icon below and you’re done. Follow me on Twitter: @mlianres10


One thought on “Coupon date

  1. I say go for it! Not only would I be turned on by a guy who uses LivingSocial/Groupon/Dealfind, etc. but I’d be more than willing to go on a second date with him. Yes, I’m a coupon whore hahaha. But we can’t be at dinner at some $7 Mexican joint and you whip out a coupon. Nope. But let’s say it’s a nice, upscale restaurant and we just-so-happen to get $100 worth of food for $60?! I love him already for the effort to show me a great time lol!!! Especially since the sites have adventures now (painballing, yacht cruises…) that stuff seems like a blast, and me and the guy are already on the same page; looking for practical, fun dates in LA. I’m keeping him 🙂

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