My almost first time

I must confess that some of my best memories in life, were during teenage years. Life was much simpler back then, my priorities were soccer, soccer, girls and school. In retrospect, I can recall some of the notorious things some of my friends and I committed. I’ll get to the point and give you some examples

It wasn't my fault

  1. Go to the club at the age of 16, telling girls I was 21 and simply a baby face killer.
  2. Take my friends sister’s car for a joy ride at 2am while she slept.
  3. Throw a house party that earned us around 3000 dollars we used to throw an even bigger party.
  4. Meet girls on ‘The Loop’ that looked completely different in person (Check out Online dating.)

The point I’m trying to make here, is about my almost first time. Let’s be honest, there’s a few important things for boys growing up. With that said, one of the most important things for teenage boys is losing their virginity. I recall my teenage years in which all my guy friends would talk about their experiences, one of my friends claimed to have lost his virginity at the age of 12. I really don’t know what his parents were doing when this happened. Despite his story, I’ve never really believed the guy, that’s simply not normal, I was still playing with dirt at the age of 12. With that said, let’s get to my story, my neighborhood was full of girls, I had five sisters whom the neighborhood boys were after.

I was after a few girls myself, but in those days I wasn’t the luckiest guy with the ladies. Nevertheless, there was one that always looked at me when I walked home from school, I was pretty shy and would turn around to avoid making eye contact. Around the guys I was tough and a stud, “Yea, you don’t know what I would do to her if I had the chance.” If only they knew back then that I was simply putting up a front. “Hey Moses, you look cute today,” were the words she would say to me every other day. I would simply smile and keep walking. Whenever any of my friends would walk the neighborhood alongside myself, I would say, “She want’s me,” in order to seem tough.

It wasn’t until one day that I was walking home from school that she actually walked in front of me. “Why don’t you talk to me? are you scared?” she asked me, “Scared? pfff, why, why, why would I be scared of you?” I responded in a stuttering manner. I decided to walk home even faster after the conversation was over. I knew this girl was up to no good and it truly felt that she was the guy and I was quite the opposite of a boy. What happened after still resonates in my mind like it occurred yesterday. Why? because it has without any doubts been one of the funniest secrets I’ve never told anyone, just you guys and who ever you share this with.

It was around 9pm, I was sitting in the living room when a sudden knock on my door removed my undivided attention from the television. For some reason, I was the only person in the living room, everyone else was somewhere else around the house. At the moment it was just my fortune, my sisters would have communicated my malice intent to my mother in the split of a second. Back to the knock on the door, I got up an open when my eyes open wide. It was the girl who confronted me about being scared, yes, the same one who talked to me for months. I said “Hi, what’s up, what are you doing here,” she gave me this strange look I had never seen at that point of my life.” She looked at me firmly and said” YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT,” I really didn’t know but I had a pretty good idea. My eyes began to sparkle as I thought my lucky day had finally arrived. I told her to wait a second as I got ready and plotted my plan.

I needed a place, this was definitely not going to happen in my house with my sisters and parents in it. Lucky for me, we lived in a duplex, (two houses side by side.) No one lived next door and we used it as a storage room where we had a lot of things we didn’t really use. “That’s where I will take her I thought,” there was a couch, a lot of clothing material someone was using. I needed protection, to my luck, I had a condom as old as ‘Adam and Eve,’ one of my friends had given it to me.

After a while I found myself inside the empty side of the house, I obviously made out with the girl when she told me, “Let’s do this already.” I had simply forgotten to tell her I was a virgin and that I had never really done anything of this sort. To be honest I don’t think I had ever opened a condom prior to that encounter. I battled opening and properly installing something I’ve never used. It was like operating a DJ system for the first time, you know what it does and what it’s good for, but you need to learn how to use it properly before anything.

The next step was even more difficult, where do I go from here? This girl wasn’t helping much, I had no clue, I kept kissing her as I kept plotting the plan in my head. I really had no idea and at this point I began to rethink the idea that this would be my lucky day. When all of a sudden, in case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t get lucky, my neighbor came inside and said “Who’s there?” I jumped up like a springboard and said, “It’s me, I’m just sitting here, you know.” She didn’t say anything, so I thought.” It didn’t happen, It wasn’t my lucky day after all. My mother found out and sometimes that’s the worse thing that can actually happen. “So you’re bringing girls over now big boy? (Slap.)” I really had nothing to say, I had lost twice in less then a day. The most important thing came the next day, I told everyone that I had gotten lucky and that I was the man.

It was completely a lie but I ran with the story because that’s what boys that age usually do, today I laugh when I think how silly, young and stupid we can be as teenagers. Thank for reading and feel free to share my teenage luck with your friends, it’s simple, just click on your social media site of preference. Follow me on twitter@mlinares10


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