Saying I love you too soon

We all have pet peeves in this world, I, myself have some that many of my friends dislike very much. Which one’s you might ask? I personally hate it when people are late, when you tell friends to be ready at a certain time but they’re never punctual. I try to avoid going out with my sisters because they always need 30 minutes beyond the planned time. But this is not the pet peeve I want to talk about today.

On this day, I want to talk about people who think they’re in love within the first weeks, months of being in a relationship. We’ve all heard it, seen it, witnessed it, that one friend who get’s into a new relationship and within a week is already saying “I love you.”


Yes, I hate when I hear people say they’re deeply in love while not even hitting six months of being together. Not that six months is the time frame to say the three magical words.The first thing that comes to my mind is, “Are you F&*$%&* kidding me?” Does it happen? I would think that it does, but it’s like winning the lottery, one in a million baby. How can you love someone that soon? Can you really love a person before you see them at their worse? I would think you first have to see a person at the point of no return to determine how much you love them.

How can you fall in love with someone you hardly know? Doesn’t make sense to tell people you love them and end up hating them some time after because they’re not the person you thought they were. This is a common trend within people that think they fell in love that soon. The exception being long time friends who end up together.

My lover boy friend

I have a childhood friend who is one of those guys that changes girlfriends frequently, like changing oil in a car you can say. He tends to tell every girl that he goes out with, that he loves her within a month or two. To begin, how in the world can you tell some one you love them that soon?

Is there a timeline?

I don’t think there’s a timeline, yet I do believe that anyone that tells a person ‘I love you’ within weeks or a month, has a mental disability. I personally find these kind of people to be needy. In my search on the topic, I found out that experts and counselors believe that four months is around the appropriate time to say the magic three words. Cough, cough ‘Bullshit.’ It reminds me of the card game we couldn’t play as kids, someone said they had a specific card and you would call “bullshit” if you thought it was a lie. I sometimes wish it were a game, I would be walking around and calling out “Bullshit,” I don’t believe you, let me see.

It should be a crime There should be a law, one that states that anyone that says ‘I love you’ within months should go to jail for stupidity plus a fine. If that were to happen I think our economy would recover and we would have a financial boom.

I’m no love doctor

True story, I’m not a love expert, but I do believe that the three magic words should only be said to people who have earned the right to hear them. I don’t mean to let time pass by, that’s not the point here. Time doesn’t define love either, you have to earn that love and time is simply your friend. Do you go to work to sit and wait to add 40 hours in order to get paid? Or do you go to your job and earned that money one way or another?

You can’t go around telling every person that comes in to your life that you love them. Love should be an evolving feeling that grows inside, when the right person and right timing comes along, than by all means you should express the way you feel.

A study conducted by M.I.T said that men are the first to say ‘I love you’ 61% of the time. I’m truly going to guess they many say it when they are trying to get in your pants or your skirt. From that 61% I can only imagine how authentic and genuine those three words are, how many really mean it.

When I was younger

I use to run away from anyone that would even think about saying those three words to me. It seems that once again I’m beginning to have that problem. Therefore I learned a few tricks to avoid being caught; When ever a girl tells me that they love me and if I don’t feel the same way, I would respond:

I love juice

I love YouTube

Olive juice

that’s nice see you later

Danger’s of saying it too soon

 (Not me)

If you happen to say the three magical words within weeks, look forward to a strange look. You might also be seen as crazy, or as if your parent’s didn’t love you enough when you were a child. Might be seen as very clingy person who will eventually turn out to be a psycho. If you fall in love that easily, I really don’t want to see you when you become infuriated, enraged or jealous to cut it short.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in love, I just don’t believe you can fall in love that easy. If you feel that it can happen, I honestly respect your opinion, even though I might say that you’re smoking that Bob Marley stuff. Ladies and gentleman, if you meet someone, if you think they are the one, the perfect match or fit, I would tell you to simply take your time getting to know that person. Rushing in to a relationship is perhaps the first mistake you committed. It should be dating, relationship and if you make it, marriage. Then you can truly tell someone you love them. Till then, I suggest we all walk around our friends playing ‘Bullshit.’

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