The douche bag

If you’ve ever wondered why the men you date are douche bags, let me try to touch surface this Monday. When Google, Bing or the internet doesn’t supply me with the answers I seek, I write a blog to keep you folks entertained. As a young man, I’ve come to learn the in and outs of the male mind when it comes to women. This doesn’t mean I’m an expert on the field but I am very knowledgeable on the topic.

I’ve come to realize that if there’s one thing women really love about myself, is the bluntness when it comes to talking about men. The number of my female friends who seek a harsh but honest answer always increases. To the point where some of the woman I’ve dated in the past still keep in touch and often call with questions. Yes, concerns about their new guys and things that might be happening. Believe me when I say that this was not something I had planned for myself five years ago. Nonetheless, It’s something I’ve began to really enjoy because It also helps me learn and validate the things I already know.

I’m not the perfect man therefore I suggest you hold on before you write me that email asking for a date (joke.) One of my good buddies recently called telling me how she got stood up by a douche bag, yes, she waited and he never showed up. I personally wanted to see the guy just to punch him in the face, no women or men should ever have to put up with a situation of that sort. Then I remembered that I can’t get in any of that type of trouble if I want to seek a career in my field.

Why are douche bags douches?

There’s really not a specific definition, everyone has a different explanation specially woman because they deal with them the most. Douche bags could be defined as pompous an egotistical. You don’t have to be a good looking guy to be a douche bag, that’s perhaps a big misconception out in the real world. Douche bags like to believe they’re are God’s gift to the earth. Although there’s a few type of people that fall in to this category, douche bags are up there on the list. Douche bags like to be the smart and funny guy who believes he’s better than everyone else. Have you ever met a guy that likes to make fun of people, or other guys? Yes, the one that thinks he’s cooler than the rest of the group because he has things no one else has, likes to show off and rub it in people’s faces in a negative way. Are you picturing this guy? That’s Mr. Douche bag believe it or not.

But why are guys douche bags to women?

Women don’t make douche bags, these boys (because boys is what they are) earn that title with the guys. If you were a boy scout or a girl scout you know you have to earn badges which you proudly wear. Well my friends, that douche bag badge is up their in the hierarchy table of men. Now why are they that way with women? The following is no top secret, it’s perhaps the worse kept secret that many of us tend to ignore. Douche bags like to feel powerful and in control at all times. I’ve never met a down to earth guy who’s a douche bag, that would be ironic if you ask me.

The douche bag always wants to dictate the paste and never really gives in to demands. Most importantly, douche bags are or can’t be honest with the women they date. Always leading them on, telling them that things are moving in a certain direction when it’s truly not. Douche bags can’t be honest and some women simply can’t decipher the codes that sit right in front of them. A man that can’t call or text a woman to tell her he’s not making a set date for whatever reason is a giant douche. I can’t call this type of male a man at all, these are boys in a mens body.

Honesty can take you far in life but some douche bags couldn’t be honest even if their life depended on it. A man that doesn’t have the decency to be upfront about things can’t really be called a man, that’s why they’re douche bags. Yet again, there’s always time to change but of course douche bags will resist. Why? Because in their mind, they are right and you are wrong. It’s the cool thing to do so there’s no reason to change it.

You love them…

Okay, now we know what makes a douche bag and we also know how they think to a certain degree. Despite all of those things you still love them. Something about them you like and can’t find anywhere else. You keep blaming these guys because of the way they’re but you’re the one who seems to always seek the same trades in a men. A douche bag will go as far as you let them go. There’s a difference between a men who tells you his clear intentions and one who leads you in the wrong direction. That’s like walking with a blindfold over your eyes and simply following directions. There’s different degrees of douche, you can’t judge them all by the same meter. The only thing you do control is how far you let a douche go on.

If the men hasn’t changed out of his own free will, don’t expect him to change by some divine intervention. A douche bag doesn’t aspire to change, they always want to keep the party going and as soon as you get that through your head, you will see the light. I know too many girls who date douche bags, (Girls because women date men and not boys.) This blog has made me a lot of new friends and followers, yet again it has also led many people to dislike me because of the things I talk about. I’m not in it for the fame or to make new friends, I’m it to write and speak my mind, if you don’t like the truth that’s too bad. Let’s hope we touched the surface in a complex topic that many of you ladies have found yourselves confounded by. Remember, douche bags are that way by choice, if you are dating one is also by choice and by choice you will also suffer the consequences.

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