Get out the friend zone


Get out the friend zone

“You either go for it or you don’t but once you’re in the friend zone is over for life,” said a friend. Is it really over? Is there a way to get out of the friend zone? Coming from a guy, once you enter that “Do not enter “ zone, things can become complicated. If you ask me, having a high number of female friends is great. The problem is having interest in one of those friends who probably is oblivious to the way you feel. Perhaps she knows, therefore she decides to put you in the friend zone to put things in perspective.

What guy hasn’t been placed in the friend zone? I have, plenty of times even when you’re not interested. A self defense mechanism that says “I just want to be friends.” What is a guy to do? Well get the heck out of there. How? First you have to realize if you’re in the zone to begin with. This is completely my opinion; it has no scientific backing of any sort.  Do you like a friend but she has placed you in the zone? To begin with, grab your testicles and tell her how you feel, tell her you like her. You lose more by keeping it inside. I know it’s easier said than done.

I have a friend who is too damn nice, can’t close deals even when the “Sign here” is more visible than the Washington Monument. If you can’t take a chance than perhaps you don’t deserve to even be considered, I know it sounds mean and cruel but by now you should know that you can’t be too nice. That 1800’s attitude doesn’t exist anymore. You can carry the values but you need to adapt to the way we live nowadays, you need to find your blend.

How do I know? Well I’ve been rejected and placed on the friend zone plenty of times but I don’t like imagining “what if.” For that specific reason, I take chances and when things don’t work out, I learn, I adapt and I brush it off. Has she ever told you, “You’re such a great friend.” Repeatedly calls you friend?  Most likely you’re on the friend zone.  I had someone say that to me, therefore I had to make it clear, “Yes I’m a great friend but you should know I like you and even though it doesn’t change things, I’m interested in pursuing you.” Simple as that, I set her straight and she got the point, sometimes a little aggressiveness helps the cause.

My fellow men, stop being afraid of getting rejected, you think women love a weak link that doesn’t go after what he wants? No they do not, no one likes a scared Chihuahua. If you get rejected learn how to take a loss.


Friend Zone remarks:


You’re such a great friend

Aww friend you’re the best.

Ask for men advice

Always to busy to go out alone with you

Only goes out with you in a group

Constantly says you’re a friend

Say’s she’s not looking but goes out with other guys


If a woman is asking you for man advice, simply change the topic or say you don’t know but don’t become a personal counselor. When you invite her out, throw the word “date” out to let her know this is not “friend business.” Let her know you mean real deal. Now, don’t lose your gentleman stature, always be cordial and polite. Most importantly if she keeps turning you down you should definitely be honest before any possibility is out the door. The best relationships start with a friendship and if you’re serious, you won’t lose.


You might think that being there for every need is helping, it’s really not. If you’re a man who is in the zone trying to get out you need to become less available in order to send a message. You’re not one of the girlfriends, make that clear, I repeat, you’re not one of the girlfriends.


Now pay attention, don’t ruin a friendship because you’re a horn dog who can’t keep it in your pants. If you decide to go for it, remember why you’re doing it, because you really see yourself being serious.  Repeat it, “I really see myself with this girl.” Men have a tendency to simply try to fetch a piece of meat for sexual desire and that’s when things go south. Ask yourself how serious you are and what do you really want out of the situation. Going after casual sex and pursuing someone are two different things that are not meant to be confused.

Can you get out the friend zone? Remember this, you’re in that zone because you have chosen to be there in the first place. The moment you decide to go after what you want, things can be different. What women don’t know is this; we sometimes choose to be in the zone because they have other women around them that might interest us. Albeit we can appreciate a great friendship and women advice for that reason we don’t burn bridges. If she puts you in the zone, put her in the zone as well, she probably has a friend more adequate for yourself. If she acts conceited, than carry yourself with poise because it says a lot about you, a little dosage of her own medicine. I can sit here and tell you a million things, but until you open your mouth and say what you feel, things won’t change.

Like I said earlier, this is only my opinion. I was gone but I’m back and ready to make this interesting once again. Everyday life with Mo. 


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