Earn your Glory


“I’ve been slacking, I’ve been hiding, I’ve been putting my inner strength aside in a corner due to the fear of failure,” have you ever told that to yourself? Despite that feeling, today is the day to change all that. You need to make a change to get to where you want to get. You need a sense of urgency that you’re wasting time on things that don’t matter  and pushing your goals days, weeks, months and maybe even years. “If you want to keep getting the result you’ve been getting, keep on doing what you’re doing.”

I’m a warrior, I’m a leader and I know I was put on this earth to motivate others, but in order to be able to accomplish that, I must first inspire myself. Now there’s a difference between motivation and inspiration, have you ever asked yourself what that difference might be? We all get motivated at one point. Ever seen a sign, a picture or quote that makes you want to get up and do something? You’ve just been motivated. Now your goal should be to get inspired, inspiration is an everlasting fuel from within that keeps you going.


They’re are both good, they both strive to get you to a place where you will be better. Nevertheless, motivation is fuel that runs out. You constantly need to keep getting motivated in order to keep going because eventually you stop trying. A perfect example is people who work out and give up every month. They’re motivated to do something great, yet again their motivation has a time limit. The intention isn’t bad, however if you want to keep pushing, you need to find that unlimited fuel source. How can you find it? Where do you look for it? Ever been told you can’t do something? That perhaps maybe you’re not good enough? That’s a reason itself to get fired up.


One of my favorite examples without a doubt is the one of the Lion and and the Gazelle. See a Lion will hunt because it needs to eat and it will do whatever it has to do in order to get that done. While a Gazelle needs to be pushed to move in order to run and exhibit it’s true speed and resilience to survive. You need to be a no matter what type of person, “You will make it happen no matter what.” Greatness isn’t free, it isn’t guaranteed, you need to earn your glory. But earning that glory might mean setting yourself aside from all those people who bring you down and push you away from the path you need to be on.


All those hours spent partying, drinking and going to places and events that do not contribute to your dream have to be cut out of your life. You need to make a choice and work your ass off! Now this isn’t for the faint of heart or for the followers. This is for the leaders, those who want to be winners. The one’s who dream of reaching greatness and completing the mission. For that driven individual who needs the inspiration, THIS IS FOR YOU! Get inspired, light that fire and go after your dreams. My name is Moises Linares and I’m a dream chaser, a man on a mission inspiring others along the way. Why? because we were all born winners and it’s time to manifest that greatness.