Earn your Glory


“I’ve been slacking, I’ve been hiding, I’ve been putting my inner strength aside in a corner due to the fear of failure,” have you ever told that to yourself? Despite that feeling, today is the day to change all that. You need to make a change to get to where you want to get. You need a sense of urgency that you’re wasting time on things that don’t matter  and pushing your goals days, weeks, months and maybe even years. “If you want to keep getting the result you’ve been getting, keep on doing what you’re doing.”

I’m a warrior, I’m a leader and I know I was put on this earth to motivate others, but in order to be able to accomplish that, I must first inspire myself. Now there’s a difference between motivation and inspiration, have you ever asked yourself what that difference might be? We all get motivated at one point. Ever seen a sign, a picture or quote that makes you want to get up and do something? You’ve just been motivated. Now your goal should be to get inspired, inspiration is an everlasting fuel from within that keeps you going.


They’re are both good, they both strive to get you to a place where you will be better. Nevertheless, motivation is fuel that runs out. You constantly need to keep getting motivated in order to keep going because eventually you stop trying. A perfect example is people who work out and give up every month. They’re motivated to do something great, yet again their motivation has a time limit. The intention isn’t bad, however if you want to keep pushing, you need to find that unlimited fuel source. How can you find it? Where do you look for it? Ever been told you can’t do something? That perhaps maybe you’re not good enough? That’s a reason itself to get fired up.


One of my favorite examples without a doubt is the one of the Lion and and the Gazelle. See a Lion will hunt because it needs to eat and it will do whatever it has to do in order to get that done. While a Gazelle needs to be pushed to move in order to run and exhibit it’s true speed and resilience to survive. You need to be a no matter what type of person, “You will make it happen no matter what.” Greatness isn’t free, it isn’t guaranteed, you need to earn your glory. But earning that glory might mean setting yourself aside from all those people who bring you down and push you away from the path you need to be on.


All those hours spent partying, drinking and going to places and events that do not contribute to your dream have to be cut out of your life. You need to make a choice and work your ass off! Now this isn’t for the faint of heart or for the followers. This is for the leaders, those who want to be winners. The one’s who dream of reaching greatness and completing the mission. For that driven individual who needs the inspiration, THIS IS FOR YOU! Get inspired, light that fire and go after your dreams. My name is Moises Linares and I’m a dream chaser, a man on a mission inspiring others along the way. Why? because we were all born winners and it’s time to manifest that greatness.


Can mistakes define us?


Here we are again, just my thoughts and a computer and all of you reading this entry. Well let’s go, let’s get to it. Too much time has passed since I put my thoughts and opinions in writing, even after knowing that it helps you put many things in perspective. You can call it therapeutic if you’d like.

Can we be defined by specific mistakes in this life? The first person that comes to mind is Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, unfortunately their mistakes weigh more than the mistakes committed by the average person.

In the case of Ray Rice, it was the first and only time something of that magnitude occurred according to the ex Ravens running back. But I don’t want to take it all the way there. I’m not here to analyze the Rice domestic violence case, I’m pretty sure we’ve seen it enough on television to the point that it makes us sick. I’m here to talk about you and I. Can a single mistake change things for us to the point where you re-direct the outcome of a specific goal? Unfortunately it can, why? Because we’ve made the mistake, the outcome might no longer be under your control. It starts to slip away like sand between your fingers.


Let’s take it a step further, we’re now talking about relationships and dating. You decided to go out on a date and something happened, doesn’t matter what occurred, just know it wasn’t your greatest moment. Men or women are both included in this conversation. Does that moment define who you are? No it does not. Can it define what will happen from that point forward? Yes! Because something unexpected just happened and you’ve practically handed all the power (power to choose) to the other person. One of the biggest mistakes we make or have made in the past, myself included. Is the fact that we think we have a right to act the way we do in those specific moments. Ma’am, sir let me tell you that you’re wrong.


If you’ve made the mistake of f’ing up an entire night with a bad episode of cops, your options are very limited. The first one would be admitting that you screwed up big time and apologizing while taking full responsibility. Now hold on a second, that does not mean you will be forgiven or that your sins will be washed away. On the contrary you better pray The Lord himself touches some hearts in order to be able to clean the image you probably created in someone else’s head. Nevertheless, saying “I’m sorry” seems to be one of the toughest things to do for our generation.


People simply don’t like admitting when they’re wrong or when they’ve made a mistake. Most people would rather let things end and die out before apologizing. Imagine playing a sport where the clock is winding down and you never took the final shot, you didn’t even try. In other words, you can’t undo your wrongs if you don’t get up and try. Our generation is full of egos and pride in case you haven’t noticed. No one can force you to man up, (woman up) and try to find a solution.

Reminds me of an ex girlfriend who use to get hammered at every party, family gathering. The girl simply couldn’t stop going ham in public to the point I didn’t want to go out with her anymore. “You do your thing and I’ll do mine.” We honestly got to that point. That’s not an example of a mistake, just who the girl was at the time. These days I hear she’s change a little, good for her. Therefore let’s not confuse a mistake with who a person really is. Sometimes we tend to put labels and that could suck big time for anyone.

So your apology didn’t make it, you didn’t cut it, you weren’t forgiven. Hey, it happens and you have to deal with the consequences. Sorry to break your heart is just how life works nowadays. Regardless, you’ve taken action and done something most people won’t do. You’ve said you’re sorry. You’ve tried to mend things and sometimes that’s all you have. Most importantly you learn and you grow. Trust me when I say everyone, and I mean everyone makes mistakes at one point or another. The perfect man or woman does not exist! And just to be clear, will never exist.


So let’s go back to step one, does the moment define who we are? No it does not. Can it define what might happen? It definitely can if the other person decides it that way. What can we do? The right thing, apologize, explain what happened and hope things work out for the best. That’s just how life works, it’s called being an adult about things. Don’t worry, it already happened and you can’t dwell on the past. It will drive you nuts. What you could do is avoid repeating it again because at that point, “Houston we have a problem.” Best of luck to you ladies and gentleman that have ever experienced something of that sort.

I personally have a picture of a quote I found years ago, “Don’t carry your mistakes around with you, instead place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones.”

Become a Trail Blazer not a follower

Life is an ongoing journey that many people take for granted. We live in a country where the opportunities to succeed are infinite, yet we close our eyes and walk not knowing in what direction we’re heading.  Today I’ve decided to sit, relax and let my words tell a story; why you might ask? Because I’m a leader, it’s been in my DNA since I was a child. As a soccer player I probably wasn’t the most skilled as I’ve had the opportunity to play with amazing players, my forte was being the most vocal. It wasn’t long ago when I doubted myself and my abilities to do great things in life, the exact same  things I had promised myself I would accomplish as a young boy. My biggest fear was to be that guy with a lot of talent who never made it. I wasn’t ready to be that guy, I didn’t want to be that guy, so I didn’t become that guy.

Therefore I took chances, I worked for free and sometimes I got exploited by those who said they wanted to help me in the sports  journalism world.
“Somewhere along the lines you changed, you stopped being you!!You let people stick a finger in your face and tell you that you’re no good! And when things got hard, you started looking for something to blame, like a big shadow!”
At the end of the day, they did help me.  I gained more experience and met a lot of people that I look up to. I felt like a diamond who had been looked over several times. There’s a saying that says that when it rains it pours, that can be in both a negative and positive manner. I’m a Trail blazer creating a new path for the generations behind me. I’m not perfect, I constantly make mistakes, the difference is that I don’t allow mistakes to define who I am. Mistakes serve me as the stepping stones that will lead me to the promise land.
I was never fed with a golden spoon, I’ve had to work hard to get where I am today and I’m still not content or satisfied. There’s always room for improvement and growth. I believe in God and thank him for the opportunity to enter this competitive field where many young men like myself also seek an a chance to show their talent. All you need is one person to believe in you and the rest is up to you. You have to be able to look beyond the horizon, visualize where you would like to go and surround yourself with people that won’t allow you to give up. If you measure success by the amount of money you have, you’re yet to find true success. Love what you do and do it well should be the motto.  Three years ago when I lost my job, experienced a bad break up and had huge family issues, I adopted what today is still my motivation phrase;  I WILL MAKE IT!
I see myself doing amazing things in sports journalism and I won’t stop until I get there. I’m conscious that not everyone will like me, or my style. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change my plan. My motivation has always been to inspires my ENTIRE FAMILY and close friends. I’m not famous nor am I rich. I’m still that boy from South Central who grew up with African Americans and Latinos dreaming of one day making it in life. The older I get, the more I’m able to grasp how lucky I am to be on this earth and to have friends, siblings who care about me. Most importantly a mother  who’s been my number one fan from day one.  The person who’s sacrificed her life in order for my siblings and I to have food in our table. I don’t write for the compliments. I write because a great teacher by the name of Mr. Edwards once taught me the importance of expressing our thoughts with words. 14 years later, that advice  still resonates in my head.
“if you’re going to  be successful, you have to be willing to give up sleep!! You have to be willing to work on 3 hours of sleep 2 hours. If you really want to be successful, some days you’re going to have to stay up 3 days in a row! Because if you go to sleep, you might miss the opportunity to be successful! That’s how bad you gotta want it! Don’t Quit! You’re already in pain, might as well get a reward!!!”
How bad do you want it? I want it bad. Some of you say you want it bad but not as bad as you want to party. Like a performing enhancing drug, people want the easy and fast way. It doesn’t work that way. If you’ve made it this far, you’re interested in my thoughts and I can only hope I’ve inspired you in a small way.
There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.
Moisés Linares

Will you be my Valentine?


To many, today you remember scars of love, new fires and passion that you’ve never felt before. The pinnacle of what you think love means.

It’s finally here (again) and perhaps you’ve made plans for a romantic dinner or a vacation with your love one. You might be part of those 1.6 billion dollars that are spent on this 14th of February. The day of love for all the couples out there and a day of friendship for the rest of us who are not in committed relationships (LONERS).  Yet this day isn’t all smiles for many, a lot of you have shed more than one tear, have said goodbye to people who make you unhappy.  I’m sure a lot of men will get drunk out of their minds reminiscing on an old love and mistakes they’ve made, because on this day they’re alone. For more then 24 hours you will be reminded and surrounded by flowers, chocolate and wine. People kissing, hugging and buying cards all over the country.

Why is it that on Valentines most of our friends feel like they will never find love?  For some reason we’ve let media dictate the way we feel and when to feel it. Love doesn’t only exist or should be recognize on February the 14th.  On the contrary it should only be the highlight of what Love means to you.  If you’re alone without a soul mate, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed.  Don’t kick yourself in the head because you don’t have a partner to share this commercialized day with.


Valentines has become the day when most people like to show off the love they actually don’t have. “My love and I are so happy together,” reads the post on every social media site they belong too. “I’m so happy and thankful for my babe he/she is the love of my life.”  They say that gentlemen no longer exist and that chivalry is dead, you know what’s really dying? LOVE. The way we see it, the way we perceive it and the amount of respect we give love has diminished at the speed of light.

We’ve stopped respecting love and decided to throw the words out there like they are that unimportant, “I love you, I love you, and I love you.”  Where have you left your dignity fellow men?  Men will throw those words out like dollar bills in a strip club in order to get what they want. Quite frankly dinner and wine will get many men lucky this valentine. That’s how a lot of you define love nowadays.

Yea, those days that many of our parents lived are no longer in existence. A lot of people confuse sex and love. They fall in love with sex and believe they’re in love when it actually doesn’t work that way. The numbers of poems and love quotes on this day is very high and ridiculous. But my women want to hear it, they want it whispered in their ear on this specific day in order to feel wanted and acknowledged.  You can bet your bottom dollar people will also break up tomorrow; it’s just the way this day goes.


Before you assume or jump the gun, I do believe in love. I believe you should dine and wine the ish out of your lady. I don’t believe it should be on this exact day, it should be every day of the year (or once a week).  You shouldn’t have to wait till the calendar strikes 14th of February in order to tell that special someone how you truly feel. Or to remind someone what they mean to you. Now let’s not confuse casual dating and real love, doesn’t hurt to be nice but you must be able to tell the difference.  Are we asshoes?  No we’re not, at least I like to believe that men can still be saved, that we can rescue love and truly show women that somewhere inside there’s a wall blocking that stream of love that is waiting to flow like a wild river. A romantic side of us that not many women get to see but that is hidden inside of us.  We live and learn in order to move and take giants steps in life.  On this valentine day perhaps you should be grateful to be alive and able to take another breath of air. Valentines day has never define what your love life is or will be, is just another day in the calendar.  You my friend don’t need a commercialized day in order to acknowledge love.  If you’re no longer in a relationship, I’m sure you’ve heard that everything in this life happens for a reason.  Love yourself and love the people most important to you.

Take care and don’t forget:

” Mama said: You can’t hurry love,  no you’ll just have to wait, she said  love don’t come easy, it’s a game of give and take…….remixxxxxxxxxx  I’m….I’m so in love with you!! whatever you want to do…is alright with me! Because you make me feel so brand neeeeeew.”

An amazing woman


I must admit that it has been a good minute since anyone heard from me via Word Press or any blog site. Yet today I come out of hiatus to write about one of the most amazing persons I know.

Without a doubt the most influential human being in my life is my mother. I didn’t grow up admiring Superman, Batman or any super hero. Since I was a kid I knew who my hero was, my mother.  To tell you this story correctly, I have to travel back in time and tell you about her and the things her eyes have seen. She was around ten when her life changed drastically.

She was a child working in a mill on the wrong day at the wrong time. That day  she lost three fingers in her right hand, an accident that changed her life forever. To that, add living through a Civil War as a teenager. It was a war that forced most of my mother’s family to migrate to the United States. The same ways millions of others have traveled to the “The land of hopes an opportunity.” My mother always said she wanted to give her future children the best opportunity at life they could possibly have.

I can say that’s exactly what a lot of us have had. I call my mother’s generation “THE SACRIFICE GENERATION” because most of the people who migrated to the US during the 80’s in their late teens and early twenties, have worked hard. They’ve worked to give their immediate families better opportunities than the one’s they had. In a way they live vicariously through our accomplishments. I speak for all of those who share a similar experience to mine.

Like any person, I have my moments of weakness, where I feel the world is coming down on me. It’s in those precise moments where I stop and replay my mothers words, “anything is possible.” That’s the way I was raised, the way my mother has taught me to see this world. To love others even when they don’t deserve your love. I see the best in people through their flaws because I’m not perfect myself. My family says it’s one of the bonds my mother and I share.

That sweet side that exists inside of me, that person that loves music and is detailed to lyrics comes from her.  That nostalgic side very few women get to see is a reflection of my mother. To love unconditionally when you love and to go above and beyond to show you care, is a characteristic she passed on to me.

All my accomplishments have been dedicated to her, the woman who’s stood by my side since I was born. But our bond goes beyond that, I’ve seen her heart and our hearts have been in sync since she carried me in her womb.

“You can have a million fathers but you’ll only have one mother,” she would tell me all the time. She’s less that four feet tall but her heart and love reaches infinity. I’ve lived my life knowing that I represent more than my brain can picture. I’ve become the trailblazer in my family; I’m blazing my own path because it’s the only way to move forward. I’m finishing what my mother started. I could’ve been a gang member or a criminal but I chose to be the person that picked up the flag and ran with it during war. I’m a leader that won’t quit. I learn from my mistakes everyday and when I fall, I pick myself back up.

It’s an honor to represent my family and my roots wherever I go. Although I don’t do it for public recognition, I do it in order for people to see that we can do anything in this life, why? Because the journey never ends, we keep learning and setting the bar higher. I’m 3000 miles away from home today. When I get lonely, I pause for a second and try to feel what my mother felt when she left her country to give me this shot. For me to live this exact moment that I’m living right now. All of that sacrifice was for me to grab the bull by the horns today. My appetite for success is fueled by a quest that began almost 30 years ago.

If you’ve read this far, now you can start understanding where my drive comes from. I won’t drop the flag, I’ll see through this war and on the way I will help as many as I can.  I know that some of my friends didn’t have the fortune of growing up with a mother; to them I say, “You’re brave, you’re courageous and your determination to overcome is not unnoticed.”  Happy birthday mom, I can only strive to be a better son and a better leader when leadership is required. In a way, I also hope that many of you reading this understand the importance of your actions, you my friends, also represent something and someone. Make sure you’re making those sacrifices count.

Thank you for reading and like always, this is Everyday life with Mo, stay tuned.

Get out the friend zone


Get out the friend zone

“You either go for it or you don’t but once you’re in the friend zone is over for life,” said a friend. Is it really over? Is there a way to get out of the friend zone? Coming from a guy, once you enter that “Do not enter “ zone, things can become complicated. If you ask me, having a high number of female friends is great. The problem is having interest in one of those friends who probably is oblivious to the way you feel. Perhaps she knows, therefore she decides to put you in the friend zone to put things in perspective.

What guy hasn’t been placed in the friend zone? I have, plenty of times even when you’re not interested. A self defense mechanism that says “I just want to be friends.” What is a guy to do? Well get the heck out of there. How? First you have to realize if you’re in the zone to begin with. This is completely my opinion; it has no scientific backing of any sort.  Do you like a friend but she has placed you in the zone? To begin with, grab your testicles and tell her how you feel, tell her you like her. You lose more by keeping it inside. I know it’s easier said than done.

I have a friend who is too damn nice, can’t close deals even when the “Sign here” is more visible than the Washington Monument. If you can’t take a chance than perhaps you don’t deserve to even be considered, I know it sounds mean and cruel but by now you should know that you can’t be too nice. That 1800’s attitude doesn’t exist anymore. You can carry the values but you need to adapt to the way we live nowadays, you need to find your blend.

How do I know? Well I’ve been rejected and placed on the friend zone plenty of times but I don’t like imagining “what if.” For that specific reason, I take chances and when things don’t work out, I learn, I adapt and I brush it off. Has she ever told you, “You’re such a great friend.” Repeatedly calls you friend?  Most likely you’re on the friend zone.  I had someone say that to me, therefore I had to make it clear, “Yes I’m a great friend but you should know I like you and even though it doesn’t change things, I’m interested in pursuing you.” Simple as that, I set her straight and she got the point, sometimes a little aggressiveness helps the cause.

My fellow men, stop being afraid of getting rejected, you think women love a weak link that doesn’t go after what he wants? No they do not, no one likes a scared Chihuahua. If you get rejected learn how to take a loss.


Friend Zone remarks:


You’re such a great friend

Aww friend you’re the best.

Ask for men advice

Always to busy to go out alone with you

Only goes out with you in a group

Constantly says you’re a friend

Say’s she’s not looking but goes out with other guys


If a woman is asking you for man advice, simply change the topic or say you don’t know but don’t become a personal counselor. When you invite her out, throw the word “date” out to let her know this is not “friend business.” Let her know you mean real deal. Now, don’t lose your gentleman stature, always be cordial and polite. Most importantly if she keeps turning you down you should definitely be honest before any possibility is out the door. The best relationships start with a friendship and if you’re serious, you won’t lose.


You might think that being there for every need is helping, it’s really not. If you’re a man who is in the zone trying to get out you need to become less available in order to send a message. You’re not one of the girlfriends, make that clear, I repeat, you’re not one of the girlfriends.


Now pay attention, don’t ruin a friendship because you’re a horn dog who can’t keep it in your pants. If you decide to go for it, remember why you’re doing it, because you really see yourself being serious.  Repeat it, “I really see myself with this girl.” Men have a tendency to simply try to fetch a piece of meat for sexual desire and that’s when things go south. Ask yourself how serious you are and what do you really want out of the situation. Going after casual sex and pursuing someone are two different things that are not meant to be confused.

Can you get out the friend zone? Remember this, you’re in that zone because you have chosen to be there in the first place. The moment you decide to go after what you want, things can be different. What women don’t know is this; we sometimes choose to be in the zone because they have other women around them that might interest us. Albeit we can appreciate a great friendship and women advice for that reason we don’t burn bridges. If she puts you in the zone, put her in the zone as well, she probably has a friend more adequate for yourself. If she acts conceited, than carry yourself with poise because it says a lot about you, a little dosage of her own medicine. I can sit here and tell you a million things, but until you open your mouth and say what you feel, things won’t change.

Like I said earlier, this is only my opinion. I was gone but I’m back and ready to make this interesting once again. Everyday life with Mo.