Once a cheater always a cheater?

Once a cheater always a cheater?

There’s a saying that “once a cheater always a cheater?” Particularly this is always aimed towards men. The gender that is frequently caught cheating but let’s not get this mixed up; women cheat as much as men, they’re simply smarter when they do it.

Can you really say that people don’t change? Are you marked for life once you’ve done the crime? Many people believe this is the case when it comes to infidelity, you’ve lost all trust and you’ve been pushed to the side and been casted out like leprosy.

I must admit that no one is perfect and people make mistakes they later regret, “You should’ve never hooked up with that person.” Okay, let’s get to the point here, while some of you believe that cheaters will never change, let’s discuss the problem many of you have encountered.


Cheating is a disease that needs a cure, that cure is call learning your lesson the hard way. Men and women sometimes fall into a comfort zone where they believe they have everything under control. Men are typically the one’s that believe to always have everything in the palms of their hands. They learn how to hide their tracks well enough and never get caught playing the game. This is a cycle that can go on forever and your partner may never find out what hit them. It’s a secret between your heart and your concious, if you have either.

Mr. or Ms. Cheater will continue to play the game until they’re caught and taught a lesson that will last a lifetime. Your cure is called a “HEARTBREAK.”  I know, but it’s the truth that many of you don’t want to believe. Instead of saying goodbye, there’s a lot of people who think a simple sorry and “please forgive me” will make every thing alright. There’s also those who let a few weeks or months pass by before falling into a trap all over again.

This is clearly my opinion and you might disagree with me completely, that’s okay because we’re all entitled to our own beliefs. My conclusion comes from the many people around me who prove me right every day. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has ever cheated on you:

  1. You haven’t paid enough attention
  2. You’ve lacked emotionally
  3. You’re not performing where it counts
  4. If you’re a woman, you’ve probably haven’t put out
  5. Once a cheater always a cheater

All of these are primarily excuses people make up to justify their acts. Reformation is possible, but it does come with a heavy price many of the guilty have to pay. There’s nothing worse than to live knowing the person you “love” caught you being unfaithful. It’s one thing to cheat in a relationship and it’s another to do it when you’re married. In a relationship it’s called a breakup, in marriage it’s called a divorce.

People can change and that’s undeniable but you can’t change without a hard lesson in life. I have a few female friends that have been victims of cheating and still put up with the problem after finding out. I use to think that only women in third world countries would be part of such scenarios. On the contrary, it’s also those women with college degrees who you find in that hole, or like adele says, “Rolling in the deep.” This problem is called being insecure and having low self-esteem.

Reform cheater

One of my middle school friends was in love with a girl a few years ago but he couldn’t keep his penis under control. He couldn’t resist the urge to cheat and eventually he got caught. The heartbreak lasted a few years but he got the point, cheating has a heavy price, you’re better off going to jail than to cheat on a woman that actually loves you.

Now let me twist this around because women are as guilty of cheating when it comes to relationships. Women are indeed much smarter when they commit the crime. This doesn’t make it right albeit it’s interesting to see how more and more women getting caught playing the game. Is it an adrenaline rush? Lack of attention? One of my girlfriends told me she was a cheater in her previous relationships because she loved the adrenaline rush it brought out in her.

I’m no one to pass judgement on anybody, my questions is why be in a relationship if you want to hook up with different people? People want to have the best of both worlds and get away with committing foul play. Nowadays you can’t really tell if men or women cheat more. What we do know is that cheaters can’t change unless they’re taught a valuable lesson.

We seem to rush everything nowadays, relationships, sex, love and other important aspects between two people. Our society has been corrupted with the cheating syndrome and some of us believe it’s okay. We’ve learned how to hide our tracks so well that even if the FBI were to look into it, they wouldn’t find a thing. This leads people to the believe that as long as you don’t get caught it will be okay. In other words, “A heart that does not see, is a heart that does not feel.”

Yet when everything crumbles down, you start to see what you thought was impossible. Cheaters begin to change because they’ve lost everything that ever mattered to them. Once a cheater always a cheater? Not really, pay attention and look around you. I’m sure you know a lot of reformed cheaters that will tell you what not to do in your previous or future relationships. It a shame to see good relationships go to waste, but to be honestly speaking, some people truly need to go through a tough time to learn how to value that special person in their life. Don’t expect cheaters to change on their own, do them a favor and teach them a lesson.

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You don’t need that


You don’t need that

We all have them, they come in different personalities, and they ignore you, distract you or simply don’t acknowledge your existence. People, I’m here to tell you, “You don’t need that.”

If you’re one of those persons that believes that you can change people, I pray that God shows you the light. Don’t get me wrong, people can change, the thing is that you can’t change people against their own will, please keep reading. What I’m saying is that people change on their own terms and not yours.

Have you ever heard guys saying they are after a girl but she really doesn’t respond? Yes, it happens. She probably doesn’t because you’re not the one for her. Maybe you don’t drive a BMW, Benz therefore she doesn’t want to be seen in your Toyota. Perhaps you don’t pop bottles in the club therefore she doesn’t want to go out dancing with you. My friends let me tell you, “You don’t need that.”

Let’s get one thing straight, not every women out there is that way. On another note, like my sister once told me: “Can you write about guys dressing nice.” Truth is that if you are complaining about girls, you better be doing everything you’re suppose to be doing as well. Dressing nice is perhaps a really important thing, more like a priority. If you need advice, is called GQ magazine. Quit wasting your money on liquor and booze and go buy yourself some new shoes because “You don’t need that.”

If the girl you’re after is more concerned about how much money you spend on her every time you go out, “You don’t need that.” Who ever you date should like you for who you are inside. This does not give you the right to be a cheap ass. You’re still supposed to offer to pay, buy dinner, open the door to your car, and compliment your girl on how beautiful she looks. I personally learned that lesson the hard way many years ago. I decided that if that was the case, I would turn in to the biggest sweetheart this universe has ever seen. I’ve now had the opportunity and pleasure to date women from all over the world, (lucky me.) “I would like to thank my ex girlfriend for making a choice that opened my eyes, thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you!” Because in reality, “I don’t need that!”

Back to the point….

I tell my girl friends the same thing. Stop worrying about how much “Swag” guys have. ‘Swag’ will only get you so far in this life. Let’s see where your man’s ‘swag’ is 10 years from now without higher education. Not that you need a higher education degree to be successful but today “Swagg” went from cool to thuglife, “Say what?”

“I have swagg, check my shoes homie.” That is indeed not winning.

Ladies, I’ve noticed the real smart girls are in long committed relationships, maybe because ‘Swagg’ is not a priority. I salute those smart one’s still remaining. If guys aren’t responding your text messages, “You don’t need that.” If a guy can’t respect you for whom you are, doesn’t acknowledge your effort and spends more time with his friends than he does with you, “You don’t need that.” It’s 2012, maybe it’s time we’ll do some cleaning in our lives, get rid of the people who serve as bad influence. Hey, don’t get mad at me for telling you the truth.

In general…..

If you have people who are a hazard to your good health, job, goals and future, I can easily tell you that, “You don’t need that.” Goodness sake, let’s all join forces and get rid of the people who’ve put a halt on our road to success. This life is too short to waste it on people who take up space in our lives. Instead, embrace and hold tight to those who influence your life in a positive manner. I’m not the guru here, we’re learning together. Life is a journey, a roller coaster that we control, it’s not easy but I’m sure we’ll live.

If people are too busy, work too much or are always unavailable, friends do your self a favor an cut them off. Have some dignity for your own sake. No such thing as being too busy to send a ‘hello’ text. It takes about 30 seconds or less, I’ve timed myself. Don’t be cruel and tell people you don’t like them, simple as that. People who ignore you, or are too occupied all the time. People who constantly cancel on you but you see them partying with other people when you check your FB, “You don’t need that.”

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Do Gentleman still exist?

Do Gentleman still Exist?

It wasn’t long ago that I ran into a Facebook post that asked if there were any gentleman left. Well friends, lady friends more than anything, yes they do!

Before I start running my fingers on this key board, let’s define what a gentleman is. The definition and meaning of the term has changed throughout the past centuries. What a gentleman means today, is not what people believed over 100 years ago. Really quick, a long time ago, a very long time ago, a gentleman was a man of wealth and power. Which implies that in order to be a gentleman you needed to be wealthy or have some sort of wealth. To a certain extend, a gentleman was a man who had income that derived from property, legacy or some other source according to John Selden author of Titles of Honour (1614.)
With that out of the way, let’s get to present time where the term has completely taken a turn for the better good we can say. In order to be a gentleman you no longer need to be wealthy. To be a gentleman in present time, signifies treating others and specially woman in a respectful manner.
We can say this is something you should’ve learned from your mother when you were just a young lad. Are there any gentleman left nowadays? The answer is “Yes,” the question certain woman should be asking is, “where am I looking for my gentleman?” Every married woman or those in relationships should be with their perfect gentleman.

The problem today is that woman think they’re going to go into a club and find a gentleman, (Not saying there might not be one or two, but realistically it’s difficult to find one in such places.) Have you ever noticed women always look for a gentleman once they’ve had several bad experiences? well a lot of them do, at least in my opinion. I’ve personally noticed a lot of women talk about the topic, I’ve always wondered why it takes them so long to realized they’ve been dating douche bags who really don’t appreciate them. Yet it’s a matter of choice, many woman decide to stay in relationships with guys who are nowhere near being a gentleman.
What ever happen to the men who would open a car door, write you a poem, letter, pulled your chair when you were about to have dinner? Answer: They’re right there, most of the time they are referred to as the “nice guys.” Have you ever heard this before?
Woman: “He is just to nice, I need him to be little tough.”
Me: “What exactly do you want him to do? treat you like $%^&?”
I have a friend named John David who is happily married, the guy has two kids and trust me when I say my friend Gloria is a lucky woman. This gentleman might not be perfect because who’s perfect? The truth is, the guy is a true gentleman (1920’s type) and the people who know him can agree with that statement. Like I said before, every woman in a relationship should refer to her partner as her gentleman. The reason you’re with any men, is because he should compliment you an not justify your existence, as my best friends would say. I know too many great woman, it’s actually sad to see how they decide to stick to men who don’t show them the respect they deserve. Being a gentleman is not a title any man can give himself, is one of those things where actions speak louder than words.

Not gentleman like conduct:
Insults you and calls you words I won’t say.
Tells you he can do better than you.
Talks bad about your friends for no apparent reason.
Brings up your past when he wasn’t even part of your life at the time.
Can’t let go of the past.
Does more harm than good.

Gentleman Conduct:
Observes and compliments the little things about you.
Opens the door when you get in the car.
Only pays attention to you when your together.
Knows what to tell you when you feel down.
Looks beyond your past.
Understands and walks away peacefully when you decide to break things off (because he is too nice for you.)

The list goes on an on for days, if you know what I mean. Gentleman still exist, it’s all a matter of choice. They say that nice guys never get the girl, I beg to differ. Nice guys always end up with the family an not divorced. Even though being the nice guys can have certain consequences like I mentioned in my previous blog.

Can assholes (excuse my language) become gentleman? Yes, but it’s not as easy as it might sound. If you’re a guy and you are a douche, you need to work twice as hard to prove you are worthy of such term. Ladies, let’s quit complaining and perhaps give the nice guys a shot for once. In the end if you decide to go with the bad boy, you will also have to pay the consequences of your choice. Quit asking where the gentleman are, haven’t you noticed every time you ask where the gentleman are, an asshole is the first one to respond.
Asshole response: “Woman don’t want gentleman, they want a douche bag bla ba bla.”
Nevertheless I thought this was a very interesting topic to come across, therefore I decided to dedicate this to all my female friends. In order to land a good guy, you need to value yourself just a little bit more. Most of you ladies are great woman, all you need to do is show it. Hint, I said most of you, not all of you make the cut unfortunately. Just because you’re a hard worker, doesn’t mean you are a good woman, just to make that clear.
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Mr. Nice Guy

“Be aggressive, be, be aggressive!”

The one piece of advice I give all my shy male friends, wait a minute, I’m not Dr. Hitch or “Flavio.” When I say aggressive I truly mean seize every opportunity that might present itself in front of you. Don’t be out of hand or act like a douche even though that’s a possibility depending the scenario you might find yourself in.

I happen to know some of the most down to earth, romantic, sweet guys you can possibly meet. For some reason these are the same guys that can’t land a girlfriend because they’re way to nice. Mr. Nice guy always ends up last with the MAJORITY of girls nowadays. The problem with some of my friends is that they end up in the friend zone with the girls they’re after. They become that friend girls can rely on, the one they confine all their secrets to. Imagine listening to a person you’re interested in talking about a guy/girl who’s done her/him wrong, Ouch!

The problem with Mr. Nice Guy is that he won’t take any risk because he’s afraid of rejection. Yes, afraid that the person they’re trying to pursue will say “NO” an with that they will also lose a friend. This blog is dedicated to one of the most charismatic guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up to day. A true friend who’s always been there when I needed a friend to listen or help me on a professional level. Despite that, this goes out to all the nice guys out there that are too afraid to make a move.

My friend has a serious problem, he can’t pull the trigger, he’s simply too damn nice for his own sake. We talked about some of his past experiences where the ladies have practically asked him out because he’s shy or doesn’t want to be seen in negative way, “thirsty” some may say. After questioning the guy for about an hour, I found out that he’s never pulled the trigger. On the occasions he’s had awesome nights or vacations, it’s been due to the persistence of his female friends.

He proceeded to tell me about an experience where he was out of the country with a group of friends. A girl who he was practically in love with was also in that group. After pretty much entering the “Friend zone,” Mr. Nice guy had the opportunity to seal the deal and declare his love for this woman. He had been waiting for this moment for quite sometime and here it was. A day where the group split up which left my friend and this woman he “loved” alone. One room, one bed, one night, alcohol and two adults who’ve known each other for a while. He described the scenario, all green lights indicating, “I want you so make a move.”

If you’re wondering, no it didn’t happen because Mr. Nice was too afraid to risk anything. A couple of years later my friend is still talking about it, while his female friend has moved out of state and getting ready to possibly get married. After all the signs, my friend left with nothing. When the conversation between my friend and I was over, I promised myself to make this guy into a gambler. Turn him into a risk taker not afraid to be spontaneous when it comes to talking to women. Yet talking to my friend only led me think profoundly about the rest of the nice guys that have this problem.

To all of you guys that are in that same boat, I say this to you, “Be aggressive.” You’re better off with a rejection than living in the “What if” state of mind. Rejection is a feeling that should become natural, one that you can brush off your shoulders with out much difficulty. I’m not Mr. Perfect but I do know my good amount of rejections, at this point they truly don’t matter, you can’t win big if you don’t take risk. You’ll always end up even which is not winning at all.

Women like a blend of that bad boy/nice guy type of man.They say they want a man who will act this way and do this or that but they date the opposite. Mr. Nice guy, learn how to blow their minds away by simply being yourself. You’re already good but now you have to be great. I can’t promise you 9’s or 10’s because that takes work. You have to learn how to crawl before you learn how to walk. Let’s clarify that the look scale should be the last thing you should worry about. Albeit, I’m sure you’ve seen not so great looking guys with beautiful women and say to yourself, “How the heck did he end up with her?” If the guy is not a millionaire, he must be a charmer, hard worker and definitely knows how to talk.

Can you see yourself now?

I’m not teaching you lines, or how to speak to women because every man has a different personality, we’re all different despite what women might say. I’m simply telling you to take more risk if you want to find a woman worth keeping. People will never know what you want unless you ask and say what’s on your mind. Have you ever walked into a restaurant and stared at the menu waiting for the waiter to guess what you’re in the mood for? It doesn’t work that way right? You have to learn how to talk, the smoother the better but this has to be genuine and not an act you’re putting up. Eventually those who put up an act get exposed and that’s as far as they go.

Mr. Nice Guy usually has something that other guys don’t have, they’re ambitious and career oriented. They’re usually a package but that soft nice guy personality kills it for them. The good thing is that all these things can be changed, these are not life commitment traits in a person. You can always be Mr. Nice Guy but you need to add more weapons to your armour. I’ve never seen a fool go to war with a pistol, pack your grenades, machine guns, tanks, the air force and anything that will lead you to victory. You don’t have to be Mr. Nice guy any more. Pack a punch and take a risk, there’s no such thing as losing here!

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Saying I love you too soon

We all have pet peeves in this world, I, myself have some that many of my friends dislike very much. Which one’s you might ask? I personally hate it when people are late, when you tell friends to be ready at a certain time but they’re never punctual. I try to avoid going out with my sisters because they always need 30 minutes beyond the planned time. But this is not the pet peeve I want to talk about today.

On this day, I want to talk about people who think they’re in love within the first weeks, months of being in a relationship. We’ve all heard it, seen it, witnessed it, that one friend who get’s into a new relationship and within a week is already saying “I love you.”


Yes, I hate when I hear people say they’re deeply in love while not even hitting six months of being together. Not that six months is the time frame to say the three magical words.The first thing that comes to my mind is, “Are you F&*$%&* kidding me?” Does it happen? I would think that it does, but it’s like winning the lottery, one in a million baby. How can you love someone that soon? Can you really love a person before you see them at their worse? I would think you first have to see a person at the point of no return to determine how much you love them.

How can you fall in love with someone you hardly know? Doesn’t make sense to tell people you love them and end up hating them some time after because they’re not the person you thought they were. This is a common trend within people that think they fell in love that soon. The exception being long time friends who end up together.

My lover boy friend

I have a childhood friend who is one of those guys that changes girlfriends frequently, like changing oil in a car you can say. He tends to tell every girl that he goes out with, that he loves her within a month or two. To begin, how in the world can you tell some one you love them that soon?

Is there a timeline?

I don’t think there’s a timeline, yet I do believe that anyone that tells a person ‘I love you’ within weeks or a month, has a mental disability. I personally find these kind of people to be needy. In my search on the topic, I found out that experts and counselors believe that four months is around the appropriate time to say the magic three words. Cough, cough ‘Bullshit.’ It reminds me of the card game we couldn’t play as kids, someone said they had a specific card and you would call “bullshit” if you thought it was a lie. I sometimes wish it were a game, I would be walking around and calling out “Bullshit,” I don’t believe you, let me see.

It should be a crime There should be a law, one that states that anyone that says ‘I love you’ within months should go to jail for stupidity plus a fine. If that were to happen I think our economy would recover and we would have a financial boom.

I’m no love doctor

True story, I’m not a love expert, but I do believe that the three magic words should only be said to people who have earned the right to hear them. I don’t mean to let time pass by, that’s not the point here. Time doesn’t define love either, you have to earn that love and time is simply your friend. Do you go to work to sit and wait to add 40 hours in order to get paid? Or do you go to your job and earned that money one way or another?

You can’t go around telling every person that comes in to your life that you love them. Love should be an evolving feeling that grows inside, when the right person and right timing comes along, than by all means you should express the way you feel.

A study conducted by M.I.T said that men are the first to say ‘I love you’ 61% of the time. I’m truly going to guess they many say it when they are trying to get in your pants or your skirt. From that 61% I can only imagine how authentic and genuine those three words are, how many really mean it.

When I was younger

I use to run away from anyone that would even think about saying those three words to me. It seems that once again I’m beginning to have that problem. Therefore I learned a few tricks to avoid being caught; When ever a girl tells me that they love me and if I don’t feel the same way, I would respond:

I love juice

I love YouTube

Olive juice

that’s nice see you later

Danger’s of saying it too soon

 (Not me)

If you happen to say the three magical words within weeks, look forward to a strange look. You might also be seen as crazy, or as if your parent’s didn’t love you enough when you were a child. Might be seen as very clingy person who will eventually turn out to be a psycho. If you fall in love that easily, I really don’t want to see you when you become infuriated, enraged or jealous to cut it short.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in love, I just don’t believe you can fall in love that easy. If you feel that it can happen, I honestly respect your opinion, even though I might say that you’re smoking that Bob Marley stuff. Ladies and gentleman, if you meet someone, if you think they are the one, the perfect match or fit, I would tell you to simply take your time getting to know that person. Rushing in to a relationship is perhaps the first mistake you committed. It should be dating, relationship and if you make it, marriage. Then you can truly tell someone you love them. Till then, I suggest we all walk around our friends playing ‘Bullshit.’

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Online dating

Online Dating Anyone?

I have to admit that I’ve been blind to the world of online dating. In a recent conversation with one of my close friends, I’ve come to realize that online dating is growing around the world more than I imagined. Prove of that are the people around me who actually use online dating sites to find dates, boyfriends, husbands and even occasional flings.

In a recent dinner with a girlfriend, my dear friend was telling me the story of a phenomenal date she had been on. I must admit, I was happy, thrilled and excited for my friend, until I asked where she had met the guy. “Well, I met him on Ok Cupid,” she said. I was confounded for about 10 seconds. I had no idea what Ok Cupid was, I had never heard of this website. Heck, the only sites I know about are Match.com and Eharmony since I see them every where I turn.

Back to my friend…

The guy she met was a big shot, great job, mature, expanded vocabulary, she proceeded to tell me he even quoted Ernest Hemingway. “Hemingway?” I asked, I almost spit my drink back out like they do in the movies for a dramatic effect. I didn’t go that far just in case you’re wondering.

Hemingway- “ A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” “All my life I’ve looked at words as though I were seeing them for the fist time.” In other words this guys was a real stud, an intellectual. The first thing I thought about was, “I wan’t to be like him when I grow up.”

To the point….

Mr. Intellectual provided my friend with one of the best dates she has ever be on. Yet a few days later, he vanished and was never seen again. I guess that might be normal, maybe he didn’t like her, yet he said he did. He offered to take her out again, even made plans for August. Yes, August! the thing is that he went missing. I suggested he put his picture on the milk carton, “Have you seen me?.” I told her that in my opinion as a man, I thought he was probably expecting to hit a ‘Home-Run’ but she didn’t follow. She didn’t want to believe that her prince charming would do such a thing.

Online dating…

I was on a mission to see what all the fuzz was about, I did what every journalist would do, I did my research and started asking questions. One of my friends told me she contemplated the idea, she had been warned to be able to distinguish match.com from Eharmony.com. She was told that match.com is basically a booty call website, while Eharmony.com is the real deal. I know a lot of you sneaky male friends are going to start looking in to this.

I continued digging and than I asked my self if I had ever done online dating……

Well, I’ve met a couple of friends through some of my friends online, this has led to several dates, some successful and some very awkward. Nevertheless I have made a few good friends from these experiences. The story I really want to tell you is about another form of dating that I did in the past. I really think this is where the whole online dating idea really emerged from.

I was in High School……

When one of my friends asked me if I had ever heard about ‘The Loop,’ it was a phone line where you could meet other teenagers. I wont lie, I got addicted and my friend and I would double date every weekend. The funny thing was that we didn’t know what the girls we were talking to really looked like, like a blind date kinda thing. You can imagine how that turned out, if you think pictures lie, try a very sexy voice over the phone.

“Welcome to the loop, please record your name or nick name!!”

Me: Hey, this is Michael (I wasn’t that dumb) hit me up sexy ladies…

Girls: Hey, you sound soooooooo cute! let’s chat..

You get the picture right? Yes, it didn’t go so well, after a few tries, I gave up and decided to stick to girls from my High School. Back to online dating.

I found out that I can find my single grandmother a boyfriend, the website is called, seniorpeoplemeet.com. If you guys have single grandparents, maybe you should set them up on a date. I also found another site that hooks single parents up. I was truly amazed at how much online dating has grown, this led me to an article that said that around 40 million people use online dating sites. Yikes! What have I been doing all this time? No wonder I don’t have a girlfriend, they’re all online. Duh!

Online dating is the reason why two of my friends relatives got married, they met their spouses on christianmingle.com. Even Christian people have a website where they get set up, if you are not content with the choices the Lord has provided you with in your church, you can go online to meet fellow Christians as well. When you really think about it, MySpace and FaceBook is also a form of online dating. You see someone on your friends list you find cute or attractive, they add you, or you add them, start talking and eventually go out. I know my ex co-worker/friend and my friend found each other on my FB page and all of a sudden were in a committed relationship, it happens. Don’t ask me how that ended up because I’ll say, “No comment.”

At the end of the day, the most important things I found out, was that Ok Cupid really exist. The idea that I can set my grandmother up with a future grandfather to my siblings and I, is also pretty nice. For all the girls looking to be taken care of, I also found you a site, all you Gold diggers can go on sugardaddy.com. It comes with great benefits and old men who would love to take care of you, if you know what I mean!

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Winners can’t be Quitters

"I'll Show you how great I'am"

“I’ll Show you how great I’am”

Winners can’t be Quitters

“The Only thing guaranteed at birth is DEATH, everything else you have to earn!”

Another week has passed by and once again I can only hope that all of you are doing great. Next week brings a fresh start at becoming healthier, a chance to redefine our goals and to live life a day at a time. It’s amazing waking up to emails and text with topics to talk about each week, please keep them coming.

It’s a rule of life that “Winners can’t be quitters and quitters can’t be winners.” Life is full of up and downs, we each have our own battles and struggles to overcome. Have you ever asked yourself, “Maybe this is not for me? Maybe I’ve made the wrong choice and it’s time to move on.” In this life we have all encountered a time when we believe we are heading in the wrong direction. A time when people want to make you feel that you’re no good. That perhaps you don’t have what it takes to make it in whatever field you’re trying to shine in.

Don’t be a fool

When I was just a boy, I heard those words repeatedly, “You’re no good and you won’t make it.” To some people I wasn’t good enough to graduate High School, today I ask myself, “I wasn’t good enough to graduate High School?” The truth is that I probably didn’t have the best role models, my older cousins weren’t the best examples. For whatever reason, they chose to take a path that led them to hard moments and struggles they regret today. For their sake, I’m glad to say they’ve changed their life’s. Nonetheless, the choices made by my older cousins led everyone to believe that I would also fail. For many people High School is pretty basic, it’s something you have to accomplish. In my family it was quite the contrary, you were expected to work and help your family because that’s the way things are done back in Central America.

Not me

From the moment I entered middle school, I was on a mission to keep a promise I made to my mother, to go to college. Middle school was difficult, by the time I entered 6th to 8th grade, I had already attended four elementary schools. I refused to transfer schools, therefore I sometimes found myself walking three miles in order to make it to school early in the morning when my mother didn’t have money for my bus fair. High school was no different, I travelled even further using public transportation, a 15 mile bus ride got me to school each morning. I was on a mission to complete school and prove everyone wrong, I was not going to settle for less than a high school degree. In the process, I met great teachers I still keep in touch with today, Mr. Edwards my English teacher and Ms. Gibbs, my Spanish teacher. Both very influential in my education then and today.

Is normal to fall over and over during your journey in life, how fast you get up, determines how strong minded you really are. There’s no destiny in this life, at least that’s my opinion, even the richest can fall when the wrong choices are made. Yes, some of us are born more fortunate than others, things are handed down by parents who’ve worked extremely hard to provide their children with better opportunities. Withal, no one is really destined, we are all indeed predestined. We make the choices and we pave our own road, things change and we make sudden turns, but in the end they are still choices made by us. Some people knock on one door an it opens up, others knock on hundreds of them before seeing one open. My biggest fear in life has always been to be the guy with all the talent that never made it. Therefore I keep knocking and knocking even when my knuckles are bruised and bleeding. I’ve fallen more times than a person that can’t snowboard but I know how to get up, each time I get up faster and stronger. Disappointments are part of the journey, falling shouldn’t prevent any of us from dreaming big. We create our own road in this life, at least in the United States we are lucky to say that’s the case.

I over came high school and college, I’m after bigger and better dreams today, a possible master’s in English, Latin history or even social media itself. You can’t stop dreaming because people or life has put a halt on your journey. You learn how to take detours and keep moving in order to get to your destination. People will let you down over and over, that is something you can count on. However, no one can let you down as much as yourself. If you’re a quitter, we are probably not friends, quitting and giving up is not in my DNA. The days where the feeling of giving up emerge, always come around, yet when you’ve been a fighter all your life, it’s simply not an option. We’ll own a fire, sometimes it’s only a spark, other times it’s a flame that can’t be extinguished. Which one do you currently possess? If you’re on the other side, maybe it’s time you become a fighter because “Winners can’t be quitters and quitters can’t be winners,” it’s a rule of life.

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