The lie women love to hear

Okay, I’m back because I’ve been gone too long that I started to miss this blog. I’ve been so caught up with life that I lost track of some of the things that matter most to me, writing being one of them. To be completely honest, I felt unmotivated for a while due to the fact that people are too lazy to even read anymore. Well my friends, I’ve found new ways to push this blog and they seem to work. I would like to talk about something that I’ve noticed trending amongst my female friends for a while. I call it, “The biggest lie woman love.”

Before I proceed, I would like to make one thing clear; I’m not talking about every woman, just a large percentage of them. I’ve categorized many of my female friends into three categories; the teen that’s in love, the wild girl in her twenties and the desperate woman approaching or in her 30’s.

It’s unfortunate to admit that relationships have lost value in recent decades. Yet women are in love with the title that states they’re in a relationship. Somewhere along the lines someone told them that once they obtained that title, all their problems and concerns would be solved.

Take it from a man when I tell you this is not true, it’s false, it’s a lie and it most definitely doesn’t mean you’re save from being disappointed. There’s a few things women love to hear even if they might not be true, “I love you.” Saying those three magical words creates this atmosphere that makes you believe you’re in a fairyland. But love doesn’t grow on trees over night; you need a foundation to even consider being in love.

Isn’t a foundation what most of these relationships are missing? I see new couples saying it within weeks, or a couple of months. I ask all my close friends and myself how can you even say you’re in love without even knowing a person. How can you be in love with someone you’ve never seen at his or her worse? I’ve never understood how people can go from relationship to relationship saying “I love you” like it’s that simple.

The truth is that women want to hear it and a large amount of men are willing to say it in order to get what they want. Men want to get in your pants and you don’t want to seem easy. Therefore a lot of women make their selves believe that if they have a title, it’s okay.

“Nothing is going to happen if we’re not in a relationship,” she said. Well, men thought of a better idea. Why not lie to them and make them believe a lie to make it that much easier. “Okay, you want a relationship? You’re now my girlfriend and within now and six months, I’m going to get rid of you.”

Some relationships are worth having right? To some women the title is more important than a solid foundation. Even when the relationship is completely garbage, they want to be able to tell the world, “That’s my man right there.”

If you’re mouth is open, I suggest you close it. This is the reality many women are oblivious too. I reiterate that this is not true in all cases, but if you pay attention, you will notice that I’m telling you the truth. This is the lie that many women like to believe and love to hear as harsh as it might sound. How do I know this? Well I’ve seen it around me a lot, I know guys that do it often. We’ve been through this before, you say all men, I reply not true. This is indeed the case when you force the issue, when you want to make someone property by force.

The teen in love is a girl learning about love, we’ll know that girl who was madly in love when she was in high school. She wrote all over her locker and binder. She had pictures of her boyfriend all over the place; it was kind of sickening at times. Despite of my opinion, it was her first love experience. A naïve girl who probably didn’t know that all things don’t last forever and in most cases has an imminent end.

This same girl got to her 20’s and decided to be young and wild, I call this girl the party animal that goes to Vegas every few weeks because she can. The last thing on her mind is a relationship. In her early 20’s all she wants to do is party without much care and pretty reckless. “Oh, he’s so cute,” says the sloppy drunk being carried out, barfing all over her dress as she stumbles outside of the club.

When her 20’s come to an end she starts to notice that everyone around her is getting married therefore she panics. She also wants to get married, wants to have a kid, starts to suffocate any man that enters her life. In her mind time is ticking, she’s getting old and the clock is running. All of this didn’t matter when she was younger and in the club scene. She wants a relationship; she wants the title, now she says she doesn’t want to play any more games because she’s not a kid anymore. Her smart friends chose relationships instead of the nightclubs.

Well, we can argue that this is true for a large amount of women out there. Each experience is different and every woman has a different story, but the one I’m telling you seems to be trending with my generation. “Use me as long as I can call you my boyfriend in order to avoid being judge by my girlfriends.” It basically tells us men, I rather be in a fake three-month relationship than in a dating stage where we’re getting to know each other. By no means does dating mean to sleep with anyone, that’s a decision you have to make yourself.

I personally don’t believe in jumping from relationship to relationship, I believe in being honest and upfront. Let the other person know what your plans and goals are from the beginning. Sometimes it might be the best thing to do, in other cases it might be the worse because living a lie might be more sufficient at the time. Am I lying? This is the lie most women love to hear.

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