Become a Trail Blazer not a follower

Life is an ongoing journey that many people take for granted. We live in a country where the opportunities to succeed are infinite, yet we close our eyes and walk not knowing in what direction we’re heading.  Today I’ve decided to sit, relax and let my words tell a story; why you might ask? Because I’m a leader, it’s been in my DNA since I was a child. As a soccer player I probably wasn’t the most skilled as I’ve had the opportunity to play with amazing players, my forte was being the most vocal. It wasn’t long ago when I doubted myself and my abilities to do great things in life, the exact same  things I had promised myself I would accomplish as a young boy. My biggest fear was to be that guy with a lot of talent who never made it. I wasn’t ready to be that guy, I didn’t want to be that guy, so I didn’t become that guy.

Therefore I took chances, I worked for free and sometimes I got exploited by those who said they wanted to help me in the sports  journalism world.
“Somewhere along the lines you changed, you stopped being you!!You let people stick a finger in your face and tell you that you’re no good! And when things got hard, you started looking for something to blame, like a big shadow!”
At the end of the day, they did help me.  I gained more experience and met a lot of people that I look up to. I felt like a diamond who had been looked over several times. There’s a saying that says that when it rains it pours, that can be in both a negative and positive manner. I’m a Trail blazer creating a new path for the generations behind me. I’m not perfect, I constantly make mistakes, the difference is that I don’t allow mistakes to define who I am. Mistakes serve me as the stepping stones that will lead me to the promise land.
I was never fed with a golden spoon, I’ve had to work hard to get where I am today and I’m still not content or satisfied. There’s always room for improvement and growth. I believe in God and thank him for the opportunity to enter this competitive field where many young men like myself also seek an a chance to show their talent. All you need is one person to believe in you and the rest is up to you. You have to be able to look beyond the horizon, visualize where you would like to go and surround yourself with people that won’t allow you to give up. If you measure success by the amount of money you have, you’re yet to find true success. Love what you do and do it well should be the motto.  Three years ago when I lost my job, experienced a bad break up and had huge family issues, I adopted what today is still my motivation phrase;  I WILL MAKE IT!
I see myself doing amazing things in sports journalism and I won’t stop until I get there. I’m conscious that not everyone will like me, or my style. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change my plan. My motivation has always been to inspires my ENTIRE FAMILY and close friends. I’m not famous nor am I rich. I’m still that boy from South Central who grew up with African Americans and Latinos dreaming of one day making it in life. The older I get, the more I’m able to grasp how lucky I am to be on this earth and to have friends, siblings who care about me. Most importantly a mother  who’s been my number one fan from day one.  The person who’s sacrificed her life in order for my siblings and I to have food in our table. I don’t write for the compliments. I write because a great teacher by the name of Mr. Edwards once taught me the importance of expressing our thoughts with words. 14 years later, that advice  still resonates in my head.
“if you’re going to  be successful, you have to be willing to give up sleep!! You have to be willing to work on 3 hours of sleep 2 hours. If you really want to be successful, some days you’re going to have to stay up 3 days in a row! Because if you go to sleep, you might miss the opportunity to be successful! That’s how bad you gotta want it! Don’t Quit! You’re already in pain, might as well get a reward!!!”
How bad do you want it? I want it bad. Some of you say you want it bad but not as bad as you want to party. Like a performing enhancing drug, people want the easy and fast way. It doesn’t work that way. If you’ve made it this far, you’re interested in my thoughts and I can only hope I’ve inspired you in a small way.
There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.
Moisés Linares

Who am I?


Who am I?

I’ve lived part of my life hoping for great things to happen, only to grow older every year and realize that you can’t keep hoping, you have to make hope a reality. Who am I? Not perfect, that’s for sure, yet again, who’s perfect? As the clock on my life keeps ticking, I’ve learned that in life we have to be pliable. The man I am today, is not the same man I was 10 years ago, five years ago, or even three years ago. As time passes by, I become older and wiser. Like many of the men I know, I make constant mistakes, but the point is not to live a perfect life, is to learn from every experience life throws at us. Today more then ever, I can say that we live an imperfect life, as human beings we’re destined to make mistakes, some bigger than others.

“They say that in your 20s, you’re trying to work out the man you want to be, and in your 30s, you discover who he is.”

When I first read that quote a few years ago, I paused, sat down and took a few minutes to analyze the meaning of it. Most of us picture a certain life, we set a timeline of where and how we see ourselves in the future. Never thinking that life takes it’s own course, things happen and situations constantly change. The quote has a lot of meaning to me personally as a man, it symbolizes optimism for what lies ahead for many of the male friends I know. Therefore we can say that today’s blog is to help inspire some of my male friends. Doubt is an emerging feeling we often encounter, although it only makes success that much sweeter. When you think about it, “Life is a mountain, you have to climb and climb to get to the top, once you’re up there, you’ve earned the right to enjoy the view.”

I would be lying and misleading you if I said I’ve reached the top of my mountain. On the contrary, I keep climbing, avoiding to turn back because what has already been climbed doesn’t matter as much as what is still left to be accomplish. I’ve associated myself with many successful human beings which I try to emulate in success. Let’s clear something out, success is not only measure by the reflection of financial wealth. When people usually talk about success, they think “money.” Wealth is part of success, but it’s not what defines a successful person.

I know plenty of wealthy people who have financial success but lack in other areas of life. Think more in the terms of success as a human being, are you successful? Have you succeeded in life all around? We all seek success in different ways, nonetheless we all seek success in one particular field, LOVE. I must admit that this is perhaps the toughest field to succeed in. You can make all the money in the world and it wouldn’t guarantee you success in love. It’s amazing to see two persons madly in love, it’s inspiring to see that it truly exist, that it’s not a myth, that you could be successful in this area. I know what you’re thinking, No, I’m not in love, but I know the feeling.

Back to the quote

If I’ve learned something thus far in my life, it’s to be human, to be determined, to accept when I’m wrong and keep it moving. My focus remains to reach the top of the mountain, enjoy the view from new heights. I’ve never met a person who at one point hasn’t felt like the world is ending or like if the world is coming down on them. At one point I was also that person, my world had completely stopped, at least in my head it had. I was laid off from my job, dumped by my ex girlfriend and having a conundrum within the family all in a month. (I’m not going to tell you about my break up, even though I believe it would make an amazing blog)

No one should ever give up on goals and dreams because you’ve hit a few road bumps. What you are allowed to do, is to reshape your goals in order to keep climbing your mountain. The man I want to become is a man successful in life, financially and as a person. I know a lot of the man out there reading this can relate, can take a deep breath and say, “Yup.” If it wasn’t for the circumstances I encountered in the past, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. I quite frankly don’t know what I would be doing in life, nor do I think about it too much. Like rapper Eminem said, “ I guess I had to go to that place, to get to this one.” I’ve become this aspiring writer, seeking the opportunity to reach new places. If you would’ve asked me five years ago if I planned on writing, I would have answered, “No way Jose.” Okay, I’m not saying that I’m this big shot writer because I’m not (yet) but with time I would like to one day hear, “Hey man, that Moises Linares is a great writer,” I set my bar high therefore I work at it even harder.

The man I’m working on now, is the man I want to become today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. Gentleman card always intact and always hungry to keep improving in all areas of life. Who am I? I’m just another down to earth average Joe seeking triumph in a few areas of life. If you’re wondering why I’m talking about all this? Is because I know that I’m only one of millions trying to get to the same place. In the case of many of my men, It’s a journey to become the best man we can possibly become. For some reason every time I picture myself in the future, I see myself in a slim fitted suit, what can I say, I love suits.

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