An amazing woman


I must admit that it has been a good minute since anyone heard from me via Word Press or any blog site. Yet today I come out of hiatus to write about one of the most amazing persons I know.

Without a doubt the most influential human being in my life is my mother. I didn’t grow up admiring Superman, Batman or any super hero. Since I was a kid I knew who my hero was, my mother.  To tell you this story correctly, I have to travel back in time and tell you about her and the things her eyes have seen. She was around ten when her life changed drastically.

She was a child working in a mill on the wrong day at the wrong time. That day  she lost three fingers in her right hand, an accident that changed her life forever. To that, add living through a Civil War as a teenager. It was a war that forced most of my mother’s family to migrate to the United States. The same ways millions of others have traveled to the “The land of hopes an opportunity.” My mother always said she wanted to give her future children the best opportunity at life they could possibly have.

I can say that’s exactly what a lot of us have had. I call my mother’s generation “THE SACRIFICE GENERATION” because most of the people who migrated to the US during the 80’s in their late teens and early twenties, have worked hard. They’ve worked to give their immediate families better opportunities than the one’s they had. In a way they live vicariously through our accomplishments. I speak for all of those who share a similar experience to mine.

Like any person, I have my moments of weakness, where I feel the world is coming down on me. It’s in those precise moments where I stop and replay my mothers words, “anything is possible.” That’s the way I was raised, the way my mother has taught me to see this world. To love others even when they don’t deserve your love. I see the best in people through their flaws because I’m not perfect myself. My family says it’s one of the bonds my mother and I share.

That sweet side that exists inside of me, that person that loves music and is detailed to lyrics comes from her.  That nostalgic side very few women get to see is a reflection of my mother. To love unconditionally when you love and to go above and beyond to show you care, is a characteristic she passed on to me.

All my accomplishments have been dedicated to her, the woman who’s stood by my side since I was born. But our bond goes beyond that, I’ve seen her heart and our hearts have been in sync since she carried me in her womb.

“You can have a million fathers but you’ll only have one mother,” she would tell me all the time. She’s less that four feet tall but her heart and love reaches infinity. I’ve lived my life knowing that I represent more than my brain can picture. I’ve become the trailblazer in my family; I’m blazing my own path because it’s the only way to move forward. I’m finishing what my mother started. I could’ve been a gang member or a criminal but I chose to be the person that picked up the flag and ran with it during war. I’m a leader that won’t quit. I learn from my mistakes everyday and when I fall, I pick myself back up.

It’s an honor to represent my family and my roots wherever I go. Although I don’t do it for public recognition, I do it in order for people to see that we can do anything in this life, why? Because the journey never ends, we keep learning and setting the bar higher. I’m 3000 miles away from home today. When I get lonely, I pause for a second and try to feel what my mother felt when she left her country to give me this shot. For me to live this exact moment that I’m living right now. All of that sacrifice was for me to grab the bull by the horns today. My appetite for success is fueled by a quest that began almost 30 years ago.

If you’ve read this far, now you can start understanding where my drive comes from. I won’t drop the flag, I’ll see through this war and on the way I will help as many as I can.  I know that some of my friends didn’t have the fortune of growing up with a mother; to them I say, “You’re brave, you’re courageous and your determination to overcome is not unnoticed.”  Happy birthday mom, I can only strive to be a better son and a better leader when leadership is required. In a way, I also hope that many of you reading this understand the importance of your actions, you my friends, also represent something and someone. Make sure you’re making those sacrifices count.

Thank you for reading and like always, this is Everyday life with Mo, stay tuned.


Karma in relationships


Karma, wouldn’t you agree that it’s a bi$%^? Despite the fact that many might say that it doesn’t exist, oh, it’s real my friends. Karma, it has no expiration date, it never forgets, it doesn’t accept apologies and it makes you pay sooner or later. I recall having a conversation with a few friends about karma and relationships. The debate had several good points, it went back and forward as we debated if karma really exist. Perhaps the phrase that most caught my attention was an opinion by a friend, “Karma is something someone bitter made up.”

I’m a firm believer that anything bad or unjust done to another human being has to be paid in this life time. This would mean that if you literally cheated, mistreated, verbally or physically, abused another person, you have to pay the price. Before I continue to proceed, what is Karma? Where does it come from? Karma is a hinduism and Buddhist believe, (to name a couple) action seen as bringing upon once self inevitable results good or bad. Simple as that, there’s a million definitions but this was the easiest to understand during my search.

I would describe Karma as a never ending cycle, it keeps going and going until there’s a stop. This would mean you can’t really go an “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.” It would be more like a Jesus move, turn the other cheek and keep moving. If you’ve ever cheated, or if you’ve ever broken a heart, most likely Karma has a bounty on your head. You might have repented, or perhaps you even said you were sorry, but in reality apologies are sometimes not sufficient to get you a free get out of jail card. It’s like being a kid all over again, I’m sure you hit one of your friends, made them cried and said you were sorry. Nevertheless, the damage had already been done, you made him/her cry, then you were sorry. Okay, you were a kid, you had an excuse to act wreckless, you’re judgement was not on point at that age.

Let’s throw another example out there, if you drive a car and pass a red light where there’s cameras installed, most like you’ll get a ticket. Few weeks after you get hit on the mail with a 500 dollar fine for breaking the law. To make it worse, they have you a camera breaking the law, they took a picture of you smiling as you drove thinking you were pretty slick. The truth is that you now have to pay your dues, there’s no “I’m sorry your honor, I didn’t mean to do it, I promise I’ll change from now on.” You can bet your bottom dollar the judge won’t really care what your reason was for doing it, all that matters is that you pay the price for being negligent, naive and dumb to do such a thing.

Yes, Karma works similar to that, I’ve decided to focus this on relationships and heartbreaks because I think many of you might relate to this. I myself have found myself on both sides of the coin. Am I bitter? I can honestly say that I’m not, if anything I’ve endured the hard lessons by life, I’ve embraced them and changed the ways I see certain things. I’m not the perfect man, I’ve never met a perfect person and if you have, please introduce me to that person, it would be an honor. I’m not pointing fingers, I’m not saying certain people will be victims of Karma but I’am saying that many people out there like to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s not Karma, perhaps it has a different name wherever you come from. The truth is that you can’t run away from it. The Karma I speak of can be positive or negative. You do a good deed and most likely you will be rewarded. With that said, many of us run around like we are the exception, like things won’t eventually catch up to us. If this was true, wouldn’t we all be much happier? Wouldn’t we have less divorces and breakups? It’s crazy but it’s true and it sucks for those who still haven’t paid their price.

One of my close friends is going through a divorce, great woman who works to prove that she doesn’t need a man to validate her existence. After many years of marriage she found out her ex husband was having an affair with another woman, this led her to find out things that really scarred her inside. This guy had it all, he made less money than she did, had her credit cards and was spoiled like few man are nowadays. It’s usually the other way around but this friend wanted her husband to have it all. Until she found out that he was buying condoms with her money. It’s sad but it’s only one of millions of similar stories I’m sure. There’s nothing like an awful split between two person’s, it stings, it hurts to see someone you loved hurt you that bad and try to explain why they have done what they’ve done.

“I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you,” said my ex girlfriend thinking it was sufficient enough to earn forgiveness. I’ve forgiven her but not because she said “Sorry,” I forgave her for the simple reason that the line between love and hate is very thin. Because I know Karma is much more cruel and it creeps around when you least expect it. Why am I telling you this? Well, personally for me it’s been some time now, I’m over it to the point where I can openly talk about it and feel nothing. Yet, I listen to similar stories and can relate to the feeling. You can’t expect Karma to act when you want it to, it’s something that happens on it’s own. It occurs when you’re not expecting it, when you probably don’t really care much about the situation anymore. We don’t control Karma, what we do control is our actions. The one’s that determine what the outcome will become, whether it’s positive or negative.

My friend is now a big shot on one of the most important companies in the country. She’s small as a chihuahua but attacks like a Lion. While her ex husbands shows symptons of repenting, it’s sad to say it doesn’t work that way. While his life keeps going down the drain, my friend keeps climbing that ladder of success. As for my ex girlfriend, I’m not sure, I don’t really dig for dirt. You know what they say, “Don’t go digging in the dirt if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.” I’m sure she knows her time is coming and I truly don’t care because it’s no longer my problem. Karma, you think it doesn’t exist? good luck with that and remember what you read here when it does find you.

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